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Looking for the Manual?

Updated: May 23, 2021

Here is a resource you will want to know about.

Did you know that Apple has online manuals for many of their devices? You can view them online or download them to Apple Books. (iBooks)

Here are some screenshots explaining the process.

Take a look at the screenshot and notice the MacBook Pro 16".

I like to use Apple Books to view the manual, when this is available. First, click on iBooks, so I clicked on "Apple Books" for the MacBook Pro 16". I now see the below screenshot.

I then click on "View in Apple Books"(above pic) and have an option to click on "Get" or "Get Sample". I clicked "Get". See the pic below.

Once this is downloaded, I now see "Read" as my option.

Now if you have iBooks installed an setup on your device, you will be able to read through the manual. If you set this up with iCould, you can now access this from all of your devices that are part of your iCloud.

Here is the link to the manuals. There is a search feature

to search for the Apple products you would like the manual for.

There is a good iPad Users Guide there too.

Hope fully this helps. If so, please like the post.

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