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Digital Signage & Display Solutions for visual communications.

Consulting • Solution Building • Content Development • Providing Hardware & Software • Deployment • Management • Training • Tech Support

Bauer Built Setup
Rise Vision Layout
4x1 Video Wall

Advertising Displays • Digital Directories • Visual Corp. Communications • Menu Boards • Dynamic Digital Bulletin Boards • Boardroom Displays • Decompression Rooms • Video Walls


Check out our eXposureTV Solution. Great for restaurants, bars, car dealerships and service garages. <more info>


What is the perfect digital signage solution?

Is it one that engages your customers and influences their buying decision at the point of purchase? 

Is it one that engages your audience and informs them of important information? 

Is it one that allows for remote management by several users?

Does it have scheduling and proof of play? 


Is it cloud based? 


There are so many options.   

We can help you through the process. Just ask us how to get started.


Do you have an in-house TV marketing system?

Are you using your social media marketing messages in-house?

Are you telling your audience what you have to offer?  

Visit Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI

We have been providing digital signage solutions since 2008, and have deployed solutions in over a dozen different vertical markets in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, Nevada, Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska & Louisiana.

Digital Signage
Installing videowall at Cold Stone Creamery
Videowall at Cold Stone Creamery
Digital Signs

Digital Signage Integration

Stock Photo
Bedroom Setup


There are many options and things to consider. We work with many of the leaders in todays digital signage industry. Including displays, mounts, media players, and CMS companies. We can build and integrate a solution for you.

4x1 Video Wall
Conference room
Digital Signage
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Chris Lenahan at Expo
Chris Lenahan

"Mike and his team have created a product that is great for all of our Bars and Clubs that we own and operate."

Chris Lenahan


If you could deliver one message to your customers more effectively, what would it be?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right digital signage system. 

We can definitely help you through the process. 

Questions you must answer before a digital signage project can get started.

  • What is your objective?

  • What is your message? Must speak to your objective.

  • Who will do the content development? Content must convey your message.

  • Who will manage and change your content? Fresh content will help you meet your objective.

  • How will you pay for the project or how will it pay for itself? Think ROE, ROO and ROI

(Return on Effort, Return on Objective and Return on Investment)

  • Do you have a realistic expectation and a way to track success?

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