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Why MacMan

When you buy a Mac from MacMan.

When purchasing a computer from MacMan, it will be eligible for 4 Free in-store Tune-ups, every 3 months from the date of purchase, for the first year of ownership. When adding AppleCare+, the computer will be eligible for 2 additional Tune-ups in the second year of ownership. Unused Tune-ups from the first year do not carry over to the second year. Second year Tune-ups expire 24 months from the date of purchase.


If we find problems with your Mac during a Tune-up, that are over and above a normal tune-up, we will notify you with a repair estimate. Additional parts & labor fees may apply.


The value of 4 Tune-ups is $480 and the value of 6 free Tune-ups is $720. Additional tune-ups are available as part of a MacMan’s Advantage membership.


Advantage by MacMan

Advantage combines services for hardware devices, as well as support and training for the user.


Become an Advantage member and receive all the benefits of this program. If you have a Mac, iPad, iPhone or all of the above, we have a plan for you. Don't see what you need below, contact us and we will customize a plan that is right for you or your business.

Looking for more service and support?


Blue pins represent MacMan customers here in the United States. 

With an online store and remote managed support options, "local" just got bigger. 

Many of the products and solutions MacMan sells and supports are popular among many types professionals in may professions for several reasons. Apple products have been our main focus since 1994, but we also incorporate several technology brands in the solutions we provide, integrate and support. 


Why Apple products for professionals:

  1. Reliability and Build Quality: Apple products are known for their high build quality and durability. This is particularly important for professionals who rely on their devices for work, as it reduces the risk of hardware failures and downtime.

  2. Operating System: macOS is often preferred by creative professionals, such as graphic designers, video editors, and music producers, due to its stability and performance in handling resource-intensive tasks.

  3. Software Ecosystem: Apple offers a comprehensive software ecosystem that includes productivity apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, as well as professional software like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X, which are popular among video and audio professionals.

  4. Security: Apple places a strong emphasis on security, making its devices appealing to professionals who deal with sensitive information and want to minimize the risk of data breaches.

  5. Integration with Other Apple Devices: If you use other Apple devices, such as an iPhone or iPad, the seamless integration between these devices can enhance your productivity. Features like AirDrop and Continuity allow for easy sharing and transitioning between devices.

  6. Customer Support: Apple is known for its excellent customer support and warranty service, which can be crucial for professionals who rely on their devices for work.

  7. Longevity: Apple products tend to receive software updates for several years, extending the lifespan of the device and making it a good long-term investment.

In summary, Apple products have a range of features and qualities that make them attractive to many professionals, but they also come with some questions marks, including what is the right product for the job, how much memory and storage do I need, what can I get for my budget, etc. The decision to choose Apple products ultimately depends on individual needs, preferences, and budget considerations, but MacMan is here to consult with your and guide you through the buying process, integration and support process. We can even help finance your purchase. 

Local technology support is important for several reasons, and its significance extends to both individuals and businesses. Here are some key reasons why having access to local technology support is crucial:

  1. Quick Response Time: Local technology support providers are physically close to your location, which means they can respond to your tech-related issues quickly. This is particularly important in business settings where downtime can lead to financial losses.

  2. On-Site Assistance: For complex technical problems or hardware issues, having a local support team that can provide on-site assistance can be invaluable. They can physically inspect and repair your equipment, reducing downtime and potential shipping costs.

  3. Familiarity with Local Infrastructure: Local tech support teams are often familiar with the local technology infrastructure and can offer tailored solutions that are specific to your region. They may also have insights into local regulations and compliance requirements.

  4. Personalized Service: Local support providers can offer more personalized service since they can get to know your specific needs and requirements. This can lead to customized solutions that better fit your technology needs.

  5. Building Trust: Establishing a relationship with a local technology support provider can help build trust over time. You're more likely to trust and rely on a support team that is part of your local community.

  6. Emergency Support: In the event of a technology emergency, such as a network outage or data breach, having local support can be critical. They can respond quickly to mitigate the impact and prevent further damage.

  7. Knowledge of Local Businesses: Local technology support providers often have experience working with other businesses in your area. This means they may have insights into industry-specific challenges and solutions that can benefit your organization.

  8. Community Involvement: Supporting local businesses, including technology support providers, contributes to the economic health of your community. It fosters a sense of community and encourages job creation.

  9. Accessibility: Local technology support providers are often easier to reach and more accessible than remote or offshore support teams, which may operate in different time zones.

  10. Hands-On Training: If you need training or guidance on using specific technologies, local support providers can offer in-person training sessions, workshops, or demonstrations.

  11. Networking Opportunities: Local technology support providers may also provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with other businesses in your area, potentially leading to partnerships or collaborations.


While local technology support offers many advantages, it's essential to balance the benefits of proximity with the specific expertise and capabilities of the support provider. Evaluate the qualifications, experience, and reputation of local support options to ensure they meet your technology support needs effectively.

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