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Bulk Repair Services

Elevate your Apple service experience with our comprehensive bulk repair solutions, no matter where you are in the continental US!

We have a strong working relationship with Apple and have been supporting Apple and Apple users since we were founded in December of 1993.


We are a company built on service. Whether you have a few Apple devices or a few thousand Apple devices, we are here to support you. 

We specialize in servicing all supported Apple devices, offering hassle-free bulk repairs strategies without the hindrance of corporate bureaucracy.


We service all supported Apple devices, whether they're out-of-warranty, in-warranty, under an AppleCare Agreement, or are part of a recall or Apple Repair Extension Program.

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, our certified technicians exclusively use Apple OEM parts and procedures, ensuring unparalleled repair quality. 

Multi-Product Apple Devices
Authorized Service Provider
Bulk Order

Discover the benefits we bring to you:

  • Bulk repairs for MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Audio, and Apple Accessories.

  • Convenient pickup & delivery services available.

  • Shipping services available for our long-distance customers (Continental US).

  • Swift turnaround times.

  • Unmatched repair quality.

  • Real-time repair tracking system.

  • Direct communication with your assigned repair technician.

  • Each device is treated as an individual repair, insuring a comprehensive repair history and paper trial.

  • Only OEM Apple parts are used - replacement equipment includes a 90 day warranty from Apple. 

  • All repairs are completed by Certified Apple Technicians.

  • Apple Authorized Service - Warranty and AppleCare repairs. 

For more details about our comprehensive bulk repair services, please contact us!

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