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Show eye catching and captivating content and then show your customers why they should stay longer and come back more often.

Use your existing TVs or add new dedicated displays.

Market to your customers with eXposureTV. 

Live feed of an eXposureTV install.

Increase Revenue

Use your TVs to market to your customers. 

eXposureTV is an in-house visual marketing solution designed and managed for you.

What if customers spent more each time they came in, or they came in more often? 













Each Day






Days per Week






Weekly income






Annual income






If your venue is open 7 days per week, the numbers are even better. 

Watch demo vide and learn how it works. 

Increasing Revenue


Increasing your revenue can be done by increasing the number of your tickets or increasing the numbers on your tickets. 

If someone orders a beer, are your employees suggesting a shot or an appetizer? How about telling them about your daily specials and asking them to come back? Even your regular customers may not know what's going on each day. Think if you have new customers. 


Employees don't always take the time to tell your customers everything you have to offer. This is where using your TVs can help. Customers are used to watching TVs.

If you have events, let your customers know.

Customer Acquisition and Retention


There are two things all businesses have in common, customer acquisition and customer retention. What if you marketed to your existing customers through the use of digital marketing displays or your TVs?


We help with customer retention by showing your customers the reasons to stay longer and come back more often. This is done by displaying ads about your products and services on your TVs or commercial grade .

Pre-made content, and custom content designed for you, will help influence the time your customers spend at your venue, influence their buying decisions, and encourage them to return.

Customer acquisition can be getting your Friday night crowd to come back other days of the week. Maybe they bring friends with them for your weekly specials. Word of mouth marketing is still the best form of marketing, but you need to start the conversation. 

What's the value of a happy customer? How often do they come back and how long do they stay? Think about if 50% of your customers stay longer and purchased one more item. What if 25% of your customers returned on a different day? A day they would not normally come in. What if customers talked with their friends about the reasons they should go to your venue.

A Marketing Tool

Getting your existing customers to purchase more each time they visit, or getting them to visit more often, certainly would increase your gross revenue. This makes perfect sense, but how do you do it and how well does this work? Well, it depends on the message you are telling your customers as well as how and when you are telling them. This is where we can help you.

Where is the energy in your venue? It’s the TVs. Humans are naturally attracted to motion, color and illumination. Watch your customers sitting at the bar, are they watching your TVs? Why do you have TVs? Is it because you want to entertain them so they stay longer? Do they ever see an ad on your TVs advertising the benefits of being your customer? If they do, I bet it was costly to purchase that ad on TV. They may also be seeing ads for your competitors.


Don’t replace your TVs, but use a couple as marketing tools, or better yet, add a couple of commercial displays that have been designed for digital signage. Do you have a waiting area for your restaurant? Using eXposureTV on a display in your waiting area will shorten the perceived wait time and also educate your customers. When the customers are seated, they may order something they saw advertised. This could potentially speed up order times and increase table turns. 

Now what should you show your customers? This is where we can help too. We can have a conversation to discuss your ideas, make suggestions and then make it come to life. We do the content creation, integration and content management. 

Sell burgers? Use this video ad on eXposureTV. 

Mike and Julie in New Orleans visiting their customer Spirits on Bourbon. You may know them from Bar Rescue. 

Why use eXposure Marketing by MacMan


Julie Ohren and I, Mike Ohren, are the founders and owners of MacMan, Inc. We have degrees in business and marketing. More importantly, we have over 26 years of real world business experience. We understand the owners need to market their business and the need for growth. We also know how expensive it is to advertise using traditional advertising mediums. 


There are three primary factors when choosing an advertising medium.

  • Target Audience. Who is your target audience? How big is your captive audience?

  • Budget. Spending your budget on customer retention is far less than customer acquisition. More importantly, getting a positive return is key. 

  • Message. Each type of advertising medium will have different ways and costs to convey your message. Your message needs to speak to your objective. 


eXposureTV is an affordable advertising and marketing solution with greater flexibility than traditional advertising mediums. It's a scalable digital signage solution customized for each user. 

As a Digital Signage Certified Expert, Mike has been integrating digital signage solutions for many types of businesses since 2008. If you go to New Orleans, make sure to check out the signs we manage at Spirits on Bourbon.

We understand the technology that is needed to implement digital signs. We also understand being a customer. We have been to many places that have great food and drinks, but don't have a good way to tell their customers all about them. This is why we created eXposureTV. We see it from the customer's point of view. Customers want to know what the venue offers. 

Let's work together to customize your eXposureTV solution.

We create the content​ and manage it for you.


Show content that will engage your customers. Follow it up with an ad that promotes your business and encourages customers to purchase. Do you have daily promotions or featured foods & drinks? How about events?

All content is created in Full HD. All content is managed for you. Just turn on the TV.

Advertise Fireball Friday on Wednesday and Thursday encouraging your customers to come back on Friday. Advertise your food to entice customers to purchase.

What's included.

eXposureTV base package includes:

  • Media player and HDMI cable rental

  • Content management software license

  • 8 custom graphic ads promoting what you sell

    • Weekly Menu plays everyday

    • Sunday ad plays Friday, Saturday, and Sunday​

    • Monday ad plays Friday, Saturday, Sunday,​ and Monday

    • Tuesday ad plays Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

    • Wednesday ad plays Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

    • Thursday ad plays Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

    • Friday ad plays Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

    • Saturday ad play Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

  • 4 generic video ads

    • Pick from ​a number of food and drink ads

  • Optional Tavern League ad

  • Trivia and Facts

    • Famous Scientist Facts​

    • Famous Artist Facts

    • Famous Women in History

    • Famous Entrepreneur Facts

    • This Day in History

  • Word search

  • World News

  • Our Weather Forecast - with company logo and picture

  • Weather Map with current conditions

  • Optional Weather Warnings for Minnesota and Wisconsin

  • Optional Instagram feed

  • Optional Facebook and Twitter ad

  • Optional Website ad

  • Optional Local Missing Children (free)

  • Content ad management and scheduling

Weather is one thing we all share and can relate to.


Weather continues to change so your customers will see different content each day. This will also help engage them as they get used to checking the weather when they come into your venue.


After displaying weather, it is a good idea to show an ad like your weekly specials. 

Trivia content is updated automatically.

When customers become engaged they have a tendency to stay longer. This may mean they buy another drink or some food. Try combining food and drink specials. 

Your ad will influence the customers buying decision at the point of purchase. 

Optional Content & Services.

Need additional ads?

  • Graphic design and ad creation

  • Video ad creation

Need more content ?

  • Data feeds for:

    • Action Sports One-minute segments of extreme sports footage with music.

    • Sports News

    • News

    • Weather Videos - Daily national and regional weather video forecasts in full HD.

    • Infotainment

    • Social Apps

    • Financial Data

    • Air Travel

    • Traffic Conditions

How about a dedicated menu? We can create one for you.


Contact us for a quote. mike@macmancrew.com

What the customer needs to provide.

Wired or wireless internet connection, TV and power. The output from the media player may be split to different TVs. Contact us if you need a commercial display, TV, or video distribution system.

How much does it cost?

Base Package Monthly Pricing

Content creation & media player setup

Monthly management and license fee

$399 plus tax

$185 ($6.08 per day)

Base Package Annual Pricing

Content creation & media player setup

Annual management and license fee

$399 plus tax

1,825 ($5 per day)

Monthly Subscription

Price is based on each subscription needed. Each subscription comes with one media player. The signal can be split from one media player to multiple TVs. The price of the 1st subscription is $185 per month.

If additional media players are needed, the monthly subscription price is $100 for each additional media player. Each media player will be programed to play the same playlist.

Annual Subscription

Pay annually and save $395 on the 1st subscription. 

Price is based on each subscription needed. Each subscription comes with one media player. The signal can be split from one media player to multiple TVs. The annual price of the 1st media player is $1,825 per month.

If additional media players are needed, the annual subscription price is $1,200 for each additional media player. Each media player will be programed to play the same playlist. 

Start today.

Choose your content.

Pay for setup.

Pay for the subscription(s)

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