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Advantage for Mobile

Keep your mobile devices, and accessories, going!


Advantage For Mobile

$10/month with annual subscription

In Store Support Includes

Expedited Support

Quick Fixes

(20 minutes or less)

50% Off One-on-One Support

iCloud Password Resets

iCloud Settings Checks

Backup Checks

Battery Health Checks

Device Restores or Updates

In Store Service Includes

Hardware Health Checks

Device Cleanings

Screen Protector Replacements

(One new screen protector per 90 day period)

*Initial Screen Protector Purchase Required*

50% Off Loaner iPhones

50% Off Express Service

Hardware Repair Labor Coverage

(Out-of-Warranty Devices)


Close up Locked iPhone
iPhone Error Message
Protective Screen Protector

Have a lot of devices? Contact us for customized bulk pricing!

*Unless a discounted or fixed rate is specified, all listed services are included with a $0 copay*

*Unless specified otherwise, all listed services are allowed unlimited incidents per subscription period*

*Advantage subscriptions are linked to the serial number of your device(s). Advantage subscriptions may be transferred to a new device at any time. Once transferred, Advantage subscriptions may not be transferred back to a previously enrolled device for at least 365 days. A new subscription for a previously unenrolled device may be purchased at any time*

*Device is defined as iPhone or iPad. Accessories (including, but not limited to, AirPods, headphones, Apple Watch, cases, & keyboards) are assessed under the device they are made accessory to*

*To be eligible for $0.00 screen protector replacements, an initial screen protector purchase is required*

*Quoted prices do not include sales tax*

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