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My iPad - How old is my iPad?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

How long should my iPad last?

What should I do with my old one?

Technology advancements with Pads are happening faster and faster. This means older iPads are aging out sooner.

Signs that your iPad may be ready for an upgrade:

  • Slow performance

  • Poor battery life

  • Inability to access secure websites (E.g. banking websites or financial institutions)

  • Emails not loading properly

  • Inability to update your apps

  • Running low on storage - have to remove pictures, applications and other data

  • iPad won’t sync with your other Apple devices

  • Unable to update the operating system

  • Unable to load certain applications

  • Does my iPad work was well today, as the day I bought it?

Apple typically supports iPads with new software/security updates and operating system upgrades for six years. Although many iPads may still work at this age, the functionality, speed, and security may be greatly limited. Despite this, not all iPads are equal.

Apple currently makes four different iPad models: iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Although these are all great devices that run the latest version of iPad OS, the size, features, and power under the hood vary greatly.

When it comes to picking which iPad is right for you, there are several questions to ask yourself:

  • How will I use my iPad?

  • Will I use this of work or personal use?

  • What features do I need now?

  • What features will I need in the future?

  • Will I be learning more of the capabilities of the iPad?

  • Will I be using the iPad as my main device?

  • Is this a secondary device to my computer used when I have to be mobile?

  • Will I be adding a keyboard and using this more like a laptop?

  • Will I want to add an Apple Pencil?

  • Will I be creating content or simply looking up and reading content?

  • Will I be synching this iPad with other Apple device such as my computer and iPhone?

  • Will I be taking pictures with this iPad?

  • Will I be using this for FaceTime or Zoom?

  • What quality camera will I need?

  • Will I be running professional applications?

  • Will I use Adobe applications?

  • Will I use Microsoft applications?

  • Will I use the Apple suite of productive applications?

  • Is this replacing a computer or other tablet?

  • Do I want to store movies and music on my iPad to use when I travel?

  • How much storage space do I need?

  • Do I want enough storage space so I don't have to take the time to remove data and applications if I fill up the storage?

  • How much processing power do I need?

  • How large of a display do I need?

  • How long do I want to keep and use the device?

The lifespan of an iPad depends on many factors – many of which are difficult to predict. However, based on our extensive experience with iPads, we have created a chart outlining a rough estimate of expected lifespans and best use cases for each model of iPad. Our experience goes back to the very first iPad. Apple selected MacMan to be an Authorized Reseller and Service Provider when they first released the iPad.

Life expectancy is subjective and based on performance needs of the user and requirements of the applications running on the iPad. Although you may have an iPad that is even older, keep in mind that once the iPad reaches a certain age, the performance will greatly reduce. This is because of new applications, iOS updates, security updates and the types of things done with the iPad. Are you trying to do more with the same old iPad?

iPad Model

iPad Model

Best Use Cases

Realistic Life Expectancy


Media Consumption

Web Browsing

Word Processing

Novice Graphic Design

Point of Sales System

​2 - 4 Years

iPad mini

Media Consumption

Web Browsing

Novice Graphic Design

Extreme Portability

Navigation System

USB-C Connectivity

3 - 4 Years

iPad Air

Media Consumption

Web Browsing

Word Processing

Intermediate Graphic Design

Intermediate Video Editing

Professional Work

Basic Multitasking

USB-C Connectivity

3 - 4 Years

iPad Pro

Media Consumption Web Browsing Word Processing Professional Graphic Design Professional Video Editing Professional Work Advanced Multitasking Photography Use your iPad as a Daily Driver - Thunderbolt / USB 4 Connectivity

3 - 5 Years

Device Coverage When purchasing an iPad, you must also consider your device protection plan. All iPads come with a one-year Limited Warranty. This warranty covers your hardware from manufacturing defects and general failure for the first year.

With the purchase of an iPad, you have the option to purchase AppleCare+. AppleCare+ extends your Limited Warranty beyond the first year and adds coverage for your Apple- branded accessories. Additionally, AppleCare+ adds coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage per year — Accidental damage subject to a service fee.

For more information regarding AppleCare+ for iPad, please visit

Support and Training Options

Although the Apple Limited Warranty and AppleCare+ are great protection plans for your hardware, you must not forget about your software, general device maintenance, and tech support! How will you learn to use and get more out of your iPad?

Free iPad Class

After you purchase an iPad from MacMan, you can come to our free iPad class. Learn more

White Glove Service For those that want to make sure everything is working well and for those that want to learn more, check out White Glove Protection for iPad.

White Glove includes these perks and more.

  • Initial iPad setup

  • Data transfer from your existing iPhone or iPad to your new iPad

  • Apple ID setup

  • iCloud backup setup

  • Monthly system checks

  • Monthly in-person One-on-One user training

  • Priority service for any incident or mishap

With White Glove Protection for iPad, we become your personalized tech support. Whether you need setup on a new device, a monthly functionality check, or even one-on-one training, White Glove protection is a great option for you!

For more information regarding White Glove Protection for iPad, please visit

What Can You Do with Your Old iPad? We have a few different options for your old iPad. If the iPad is still supported by Apple and is in good condition, it can either be traded-in, sold or donated.

Trade-in estimates are given on a device by device basis and are contingent on the condition and functionality of the device -- iPads that are no longer supported or have physical damage can be recycled at MacMan at no cost to you!

Donate? If you would rather help those in need, our Giving Mac program is right for you!

Devices donated to Giving Mac are used to raise funds to purchase new technology that is then donated to those in need, or donated directly to those in need. Many K-12 students cannot afford to purchase the technology that they need to make a difference in their academic careers. Giving Mac is there to help!

For more information regarding Giving Mac, please visit

Sell? For those that want to sell their older devices, we also have a program for you. Check out our about that here.

Thank you for reading. We hope this helps. For those that can not make it into the store, we would love to help you over the phone and or email. We have customers from coast to coast and are ready to help you. We offer consumer financing and business leasing.

Check out the new iPads here.

Written by Tyler White, David Andros and Mike Ohren


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