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Sell, Recycle or Donate?

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Looking for a new Apple iPad or Mac? Do you have an older device to trade or sell?

Free evaluation and estimates on trades and upgrades.

Option 1

Trade-in via MacMan 


1. Prepare your device in accordance with the Trade IN Process above.

2. Drop off your device in the Store.

3. MacMan technicians will evaluate your device and provide a firm Value Quote.

4. Approve the trade-in value.

5. Pick out your new device and place an order.

The trade-in amount will reduce the price you pay for your new device, including the sales tax. 

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Option 2

Sell via PowerON


Want to sell your old electronics? Use our partner PowerON and get paid with a Virtual Visa® Reward.^ It's easy as 1-2-3.  

Option 4

Recycle via MacMan


Is your device older than 2011, or no value left in your device? Stop by MacMan and recycle it for a small fee.


If needed, we can also ensure data is Erased before recycling, talk with a Crew Member when stopping in.

Option 3

Donate to GivingMac

Giving Mac is a donation-based program. We would like to donate a Mac or iPad to students who could benefit from having one but have not been able to purchase one. We do this with customer-donated pre-owned and recycled devices. You can also donate money to purchase upgrades or replacement parts to fixed recycled computers to be given away to a lucky student. 


Next Steps after Trade-In

Purchase New!

  1. Let us help you pick out your new Apple device. 

    1. Based on usage and budget.

  2. Discuss our FREE Mac maintenance programs.

  3. Discuss and review AppleCare options.

  4. Discuss Advantage Service programs.

  5. Discuss and review your setup & data transfer options.

  1. Discuss onsite setup if needed.
  2. Signup for some FREE training classes.
  3. Discuss additional training needs.
  4. Discuss financing options if needed. 

  5. Finalize your order and let us take care of the rest.

^ 1. Virtual Visa® Reward: The virtual reward is issued by Sutton Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. It can be used wherever Visa Debit cards are accepted. Reward funds expire after 12 months. Terms and conditions apply.

Mobile Phone

MacMan Trade-In Process

"Prepare your Apple Device for Trade-In"



Backup the Device

Backup your data via iCloud, Time Machine or to a Mac for a iOS Device.

MacMan is not responsible for your data.


Disable Find My

Find My Device must be disabled.

Apple requires we turn off FMD for all repairs.


Remove Passcodes & Reset Device

Remove any passcodes, or erase and reset the device.

MacMan can discuss best practices for Data Restore.


Walk in or Make an

We accept walk-ins, Standard turn around time is 1 Day

Appointments are Welcome. 

We will send you appointment reminders after scheduling


Drop off
your Device

4677 Keystone Xing

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Make sure we have an alternative way to contact you once the repair is completed.


Approve or Deny the Trade-In Quote

We'll discuss the next steps after you decide. In the meantime, browse our Online Store.


WE WILL CONTACT YOU if we need additional information, approval or when the repair is completed. When dropping off your iPhone, please make sure we have your current email, phone number, and any other phone numbers where you may be contacted.

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