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Trade, Donate, or Recycle

Looking to replace that old device?

Free trade-in evaluations!



If you have an old Apple device that you would like to trade in towards something new, you are in the right place!

With free trade-in evaluations, we make the process easy! You can schedule your trade-in evaluation below!

Trade-ins are not limited to just Macs. We can offer credit for:

  • iPads

  • iPhones

  • Apple Branded Accessories

  • Macs

  • Apple Watches

  • and More!



Would you like to help someone in need?

Giving Mac, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity founded in 2022 by the family that founded MacMan, Inc. The mission is to support education. (STEM - science, technology, engineering, and math)


"Advancing education by sharing technology."​

Giving Mac is a donation-based program focused on helping those that do not have the means to obtain the technology they need for education. All donations are tax deductible.

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Unfortunately, some devices are ready to be recycled.

If your device is too old, damaged, or has functional issues, it may not have a trade-in or donation value.

Recycling Fees:

CRT TV or Display >24": $25.00

LCD Display <24": $10.00

Computer w/o Data Wipe: $10.00

Computer w/ Data Wipe: $20.00

Printer: $20.00

iPhone or iPad w/o Data Wipe: $5.00

iPhone or iPad w Data Wipe: $10.00

AirPods & Cables: $2.00

Other: $20.00+

*Quoted prices do not include tax*

iPad and iPhone Sizes comparison Image
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