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Managed Services for Apple Business Users

Advantage for Business

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With Advantage for Business, the Crew at MacMan seamlessly integrate as your dedicated IT Department, offering comprehensive support and repair services to ensure smooth operations for your business and equipment. Whether you require remote assistance, on-site service, or in-store support, we've got you covered every step of the way. All Advantage for Business plans are meticulously crafted and personalized to align with your specific needs, providing you with the flexibility to select and customize your coverage in an à la carte fashion. At the heart of every Advantage for Business plan lies Mac support, with the option to enhance your coverage with managed off-site backup and on-site service plans.Trust us to be your trusted partner in maintaining the efficiency and functionality of your business operations.


Remote Support

When facing technical issues with your Mac, the thought of driving to our store or scheduling an in-office visit might seem daunting. Thankfully, MacMan provides a convenient alternative: Remote Support. This service allows users to request assistance and grant remote access to their devices, enabling MacMan technicians to diagnose and resolve problems directly from a distance. Whether you're dealing with software glitches, system updates, or configuration challenges, MacMan's Remote Support offers a quick and efficient solution, all from the comfort of your location.

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Proactive Support & Maintenance

Managing and maintaining a fleet, or even a few, Mac computers can be challenging, but MacMan provides a proactive support solution, powered by Addigy, to streamline this process. Addigy's comprehensive platform enables MacMan to anticipate and address potential issues before they impact users. Macs report their health, allowing MacMan to identify and resolve problems early, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime. This proactive approach includes automated updates, system maintenance, real-time alerts, and detailed reporting, offering a seamless and efficient way for MacMan Techs to service Mac devices across various organizations. With MacMan, maintaining a robust and reliable Mac environment for your clients has never been easier.


Managed Cybersecurity

As part of Advantage for business, MacMan deploys Malwarebytes via a managed service. Malwarebytes is a critical cybersecurity tool, offering comprehensive protection against malware threats. Its robust scanning engine detects and removes various forms of malware, while real-time protection actively monitors systems for suspicious activity, blocking threats before they can cause harm. Despite Apple's efforts to introduce new security initiatives and promptly patch vulnerabilities, the complex IT threat landscape continues to pose risks, with a rise in malware attacks. The integration of Malwarebytes enhances the Advantage solution by providing MacMan Techs with an additional layer of protection for Apple endpoints.

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In Store Services

Advantage Mac for Business offers an extensive range of benefits aimed at guaranteeing top-notch performance and reliability for your devices. Standout features include Expedited Repairs, Physical Device Cleanings, and No Cost Diagnostics & Evaluations. With comprehensive support, including Hardware Labor Coverage and a $50 Flat Rate Software Labor fee, we ensure your devices receive the attention they need. Furthermore, take advantage of a 50% discount on Data Recovery Service with in-store recovery attempts for added peace of mind.


MDM Client Management

Our MDM Client Management service offers a comprehensive array of features to streamline your device management processes. From Update Enforcement & Restrictions for MacOS and Microsoft Office to Automated Software & Driver Deployment, we ensure your systems are up-to-date and secure. App Store Downloads & Updates and Apple Business Manager Configuration further enhance efficiency and compliance. Automated Maintenance tasks keep your devices optimized, while Consistent Local Users Accounts and SSO Network User Accounts simplify user management. With Co-Managed Ticketing Options and a Customized Self-Service Experience, support is tailored to your needs. Custom Device Configuration Deployment ensures seamless setups, while Cybersecurity Compliance Enforcement protects your systems. Inventory Reporting and additional capabilities round out our offerings, providing a comprehensive solution for your business.


On-site Service

Experience the convenience of our On-Site Services, delivering support directly to your location for maximum accessibility. Tailored pricing plans cater to your location and specific needs, ensuring affordability and flexibility. Our comprehensive support options encompass hardware repairs, updates, and tune-ups for Macs, along with printer assistance and support for software and Mac accessories. Benefit from priority service and expedited assistance with unlimited incidents, all with no copay for travel or labor, guaranteeing seamless resolution of issues and peace of mind right where you are.


Off-site Data Backup

Backup Features:

Our backup solution, powered by the enterprise backup platform CrashPlan, provides robust support for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. End-user management allows for easy administration, while offering unlimited cloud storage with no file size limits or bandwidth caps. Customize your backups with multiple backup sets, and choose between incremental or differential backups. Enjoy continuous or scheduled backups, with no data limits.

Security Features:

Security is paramount in our backup solution, with 256-bit file encryption and encryption before transmitting data. Archive tampering detection adds an extra layer of protection, along with private password for restore and user-generated private keys for added security and control.


Restore Features:

Effortlessly restore your data with our comprehensive restore features. Retain unlimited file versions and access self-service restore options for ultimate convenience. Restore directly from the client or through the web interface, with the ability to restore individual files or entire folders and directories as needed.


Management Features:

Stay in control with our management features, offering active management of your backups. Receive backup status alerts via email, ensuring you're always informed about the status of your data protection. Automatic updates and license upgrades keep your system current, while personalized support, on-demand assistance, and priority support ensure you have the assistance you need, when you need it.

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To get started, just contact us via phone or email to kick off the process. For added efficiency, you can also complete a quick business assessment form online. Once submitted, one of our MacMan representatives will promptly reach out to you, gathering additional details to create a customized plan that meets your specific needs! Let's have a conversation.

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