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Advantage for Business

An All-In-One IT Solution for Businesses

With Advantage for Business we become your IT Department, providing you with all of the support and repair services needed to keep your business and equipment running! Whether you need remote support, on-site service, or in-store help, we've got you covered.


All Advantage for Business plans are customized and tailored to your needs, allowing you pick and choose your coverage in an à la carte fashion! 

Core to every Advantage for Business plan is Mac support, with managed off-site backup and on-site service plans available as optional add-ons!

Explore Benefits


Mac Support

Proactive Managed Support

Starting at $50/month/Mac

with annual subscription

In Store Support

Expedited Support

Quick Fixes (20 minutes or less)

50% Off One-on-One Support

Time Machine Maintenance

Remote Support

Automated System Maintenance

Managed Updates

Remote Quick Fixes

(20 minutes or less)

50% Off Remote Support

(>20 minutes)

System Error Alerts

Managed Cybersecurity

Malware Protection

Threat Detection and Removal

Managed Security Updates

Proactive Support

Kernel Panics

Network & RAM Errors

Volume, SMART & Disk Errors

False Mounts

FileVault Enforcement & Escrow

Expiration Management

Reporting Available

In Store Services

Expedited Repairs

Physical Device Cleanings

No Cost Evaluations

Hardware Labor Coverage

$50 Flat Rate Software Labor

Tune-Ups/Malware Removals

(One per 90 day rolling period)

50% Off Data Recoveries

MDM Client Management

Update Enforcement & Restrictions

(MacOS & Microsoft Office)

Automated Software & Driver Deployment

App Store Downloads & Updates

Apple Business Manager Configuration

Automated Maintenance and tasks

Consistent Local Users Accounts

SSO Network User Accounts

Co-Managed Ticketing Options

Customized Self-Service Experience

Custom Device Configuration Deployment

Cybersecurity Compliance Enforcement

Inventory Reporting

and More!


Pulse Backup

Managed Off-Site Backup

Starting at $20/user/month

with annual subscription

Backup Features

Mac, Windows, & Linux Support

Up To 4 Computers Per User

End-User Management

Unlimited Cloud Storage

No File Size Limits

No Bandwidth Caps

Multiple Backup Sets

Incremental & Differential

Continuous or Scheduled Backups

File Compression

Data De-Duplication

Background File Validation

Security Features

256-bit File Encryption

Encryption Before Transmitting

Archive Tampering Detection

Private Password for Restore

User-Generated Private Key

Restore Features

Unlimited File Versions Retained

Self-Service Restore

Restore From Client

Restore From Web

Restore Individual Files

Restore Folders and Directories

Management Features

Active Management

Backup Status Alerts Via Email

Automatic Updates

Automatic License Upgrades

Personalized Support

On-Demand Support

Priority Support


On-Site Services

Support That Comes To You!

*Price varies by location & need*

*Custom Pricing Plans Available*

On-Site Services

On-Site Mac Hardware Repairs

(Desktop Macs Only)

On-Site Mac Software Repairs

On-Site Tune-Ups

On-Site Support For Printers

On-Site Support For Mac Accessories

Priority Service

Expedited Service

Unlimited Incidents

$0 Copay For Travel

$0 Copay For Labor

Getting Started is Easy!

To get started, we will have you complete a quick business assessment form. After completing the form, a MacMan representative will contact you to get additional information and put together a customized plan!

*Unless a discounted or fixed rate is specified, all listed services are included with a $0 copay*

*Unless specified otherwise, all listed services are allowed unlimited incidents per subscription period*

*Advantage subscriptions are linked to the serial number of your Mac. Advantage subscriptions may be transferred to a new Mac computer at any time. Once transferred, Advantage subscriptions may not be transferred back to a previously enrolled Mac for at least 365 days. A new subscription for a previously unenrolled Mac may be purchased at any time*

*The price of Advantage for Business and Pulse Backup vary by payment terms and quantity of devices enrolled*

*Quoted prices do not include sales tax*

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