It's not just another video...

atmosphere media GmbH has developed the first Super High Vision MultiCamArray allowing filming in unprecedented quality without any parallax issues. This unique MultiCamArray was build in close co-operation with the Lang AG. The actual 3 RED Dragon cameras model has a resolution of 9.000 x 6.000 Pixels (26 times HD).
You wish to create a state of the art media installation, an audio visual experience that will mesmerize your customers. 

atmosphere provides the most innovative and unique filming technology available on the market today. Our technical know-how and our unique production skills guaranty that your vision will become reality.
With atmosphere Super High Vision films you are not only watching a scene, you are part of every moment. The picture is richer, sharper, livelier and more true to life than ever before.

atmosphere Immersive Nature Films

"biophilic design"

Made for health and wellness.

atmosphere Health & Wellness is a calming and stress-relieving visual platform designed to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting better mental awareness and mental wellness.


Biophilia Hypothesis

Humans have a strong connection and passion for nature, and it has a strong effect on one’s overall productivity and mental state. <Learn more>

atmosphere-4K Hyperion Bar 11 1.jpeg

atmosphere Ambient & Music Films

Made for hospitality.

The atmosphere hospitality solution is a unique visual entertainment system used by leading hotels and cruise liners all over the world.

Attract more guests and have them stay longer.