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A Safe Space During COVID-19

Updated: May 23, 2021

First, I would like to say, thank you. Thank you to our customers who chose MacMan for their service and purchasing needs during COVID. Remember when we thought it was going to be a two week shut down? :)

We have been at this "Apple thing" for a long time, going back to when I had hair and all the Macs were beige in color. Now, 27 years later, we are not only still servicing and selling Apple products, but we have added a few products and services to the mix. One of which is a Safe Space solution. A solution we use internally.

We have been fortunate not to have shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have reduced our hours a bit, but we are here. Thanks for understanding about the reduced hours. Durning this time, we have increased our cleaning and disinfecting of the store, we have done curbside pickup, onsite service, deliveries, worn masks, respected our customers choice to wear masks, and have been in tune with our employees health. Now, we are adding an additional line of defense.

In the past, some of you may have heard me talk about still being a startup company. Now, 27 years later, here we go again. Technology keeps changing, so we must keep adapting and learning how new technology impacts our customers as well as us.

During COVID-19, there have been a lot of different ideas on what is necessary and what is not. We all have been impacted some how. Most of us can agree that this has changed how things are currently done and how things will be done in the future. So, what is our new line of defense? It's call the Thermal Mirror.

This new solution was created because of COVID-19 by the company InReality. In short, there are two side to this new line of defense. One, is hardware and the other is the power of a software platform. Together, this allows us to create a Safe Space Pass for our employees, vendors, and customers.

What is a Safe Space Pass? It's an all clear pass. Have you been somewhere where you have to answer COVID related screening questions or have your temperature taken, just to go somewhere else and have to do it again? Has someone had to administer the questions and take your temp? So much of distancing, right? We do this without human interaction, thus maintaining distancing.

With the InReality platform and the Thermal Mirror, we can issue a 24 hour Safe Place Pass to your smartphone. Wouldn't it be nice if other venues accept that pass showing that you have already been screened and cleared.

I would like to think that most people know if they are sick, have a fever, or have been in contact with others that are sick, and they would stay home. I also believe that if you are healthy, you would want others to know this and put them at ease. This is where the Safe Space solutions come into play.

How it works. Before you come in, complete the Q&A screening questions on your computer, tablet or smart phone. If you are clear, you are halfway there. When you come into the store, look at the Thermal Mirror for your temperature scan. If your temperature is normal, you will be issued a Safe Space Pass on your phone.

We are implementing this procedure for our employees and encouraging our customers to participate in the program.

I strongly believe in using what we sell, and selling what we use. This is a great solution for many different industries.

To learn more about the Thermal Mirror and creating your Safe Space, click here.

If you would like to purchase this solution for your venue, or to participate in the Safe Space program, please contact us.

Thanks for reading and watch for new features and developments with our Safe Space solutions.

Mike Ohren


MacMan, Inc.

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