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MACMAN SAYS - iPhone Addiction

Updated: Dec 9, 2019


Many studies have shown that our phones can be just as addicting as anything else in our lives. Phone addiction is a very real phenomenon.

We understand this very well. We too depend on our phones everyday. We are also the only Apple Authorized iPhone service and repair center in West Central Wisconsin. When you drop your iPhone off with us, we understand that your device is very closely tied to your everyday life.

Being without your mobile device can literally feel like a withdrawal. Fortunately, this fall, in their new mobile operating system, IOS 12, Apple is taking steps to help curb iPhone addiction and slow down your compulsion to check your phone every 5 minutes. You can read more about some of the details by clicking here.

Are you curious as to how you can curb your mobile device addiction before the OS update? Click here to read more on why we've become so dependent on our smartphones.

We realize that being without your iPhone, for any length of time, is an inconvenience. If you need service, we will do our best to return your iPhone to you as fast as we can. As an Authorized Apple Service Provider, we work together with Apple to obtain the necessary parts for your iPhone repair. Please have patience with us and while you wait; enjoy some of your new extra time with your friends and family.

Can't wait, we do have a iPhone loaner program.

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