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MaćMan is the Apple Authorized Service Provider for All iOS Repairs

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

A broken iPhone or iOS device can be a stressful situation. Depending on how the device is broken, the cost of repair is always a concern. There are multiple repair options for any iPhone. Apple Authorized Service Providers--Such as MacMan--an Apple Retail store, or Apple Independent Repair Providers are all great service provider options. Another option is a third-party service provider.

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, MacMan has access to:

Apple Genuine Certified Parts--which go through multiple layers of rigorous testing and quality assurance checks and come with a 90 Day part guarantee.

Apple's official training materials that certify that our technicians understand every aspect of each one of your Apple products.

Apple Service Toolkits and Diagnostics to ensure your iOS device is fully functional again before your iOS device is returned to you.

Last but not least, when MacMan repairs any device, the factory warranty or AppleCare warranty IS NOT voided.

Third-party service providers traditionally have appealing price points; however, that attractive price point can be misleading. Third-Party Service parts frequently come with no certification or guarantee, are installed by Non-Apple Certified technicians, and void factory warranty. Is it worth putting your iPhone or iOS device at risk to save a few dollars? Computers, specifically iPhones, have become huge parts of our everyday lives, so repairing them when they break is even more critical.

Knowing what Third-Party Service Providers have to offer should be enough of a reason for you to seek quality service on your iPhone. Quality Service should include Apple Genuine Certified Parts, a 90 Day guarantee on all replaced parts, an installation by Service Technicians that Apple has trained for repair. Last but not least, service on your iPhone or iOS device should not void the factory warranty.

If you have already repaired your device with a Third Party service provider or have installed a Third Party part, MacMan can still evaluate your device and see if it is eligible for repair. However, our technicians reserve the right to decline repair if needed. This isn’t an intellectual property issue; it’s a safety issue. When Third-Party parts are installed, there is always the possibility that it can cause problems with Apple-Certified parts due to lower manufacturing standards or installation errors. The probability increases for third-party batteries, which may cause excessive damage to the iPhone and injury to the user.

MacMan offers free quick diagnostics on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Stop in-store, and we can quickly evaluate your device and build an initial service quote.

Quick diagnostics can NOT be completed over the phone, but you are welcome to give us a call at 715-834-7074 with any questions. You can also email us questions by visiting our Contact Us webpage by clicking the button below.

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