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Hospitality Subscriptions for 4x1 Video wall using displays up to 55"


Subscription are price for one video wall. If you have multiple video walls running off of one Mac, we offer deep discounts on each additional video wall. Example: Video walls in multiple lobbies displaying the same content from one Mac media player in a server room. 


Displays shown in picutures represent multiple sizes of displays. 


Music Film Library
atmosphere hospitality music –– engaging audience with relevant content

Let your guests enjoy live music as if they were there, on stage, watching all musicians performing up-close with best picture and sound quality; a previously unseen or felt musical experience.


Deliver a world class guest experience to generate greater revenues. The atmosphere live music content entertains and retains guests in lobbies, bars and restaurants with a proven increase in sales.


Fascinate your guests with music performances in all styles and moods for every hour of the day. Classical, jazz, blues, lounge, chill out, latin, salsa blues, soul, R&B, pop, rock and dance. Filmed and recorded live in state of the art studios by renowned producers.

The Music Film Library currently offers a selection of at least 600 Live Music films.


Ambient Nature & Moods Film Library

The atmosphere ambient library is curated to fascinate and inspire your guests. With the atmosphere ambient subscription, the most scenic places around the world are available on your media installation.


The atmosphere ambient film library is produced in the highest quality 8K. Beautiful and dreamy landscapes; waterfalls, ocean waves, mountains or deserts, create a unique and relaxing experience for your guests.


The Ambient Film Library currently contains a minimum of 150 Ambient (nature films with music) and Moods films. Each film is 15 minutes in length. 


Immersive Nature Film Library

Included at no extra cost when you purchasing both the Music and the Ambient & Moods Films package.

Tailored for healthcare environments, this content package can also be used in hospitality venues. The atmosphere immersive films are showing the most realistic impressions of nature in a relaxing and immersive way, specifically produced to help people to calm down.


This package includes a minimum of 120 Immersive Nature Films featuring original nature sounds, no music overlays. This package provides over 30 hours of calming and restorative content.


Music, Ambient & Moods, and Immersive Film Library Package 

This hospitality content package currently offers a selection of at least 600 Live Music films, 150 Ambient (nature films with music) and Moods films and 120 Immersive films (nature films with no music). This Plus package provides approximately 110 hours of entertainment and relaxation.


Subscription only, hardware sold separately.


DataPath FX4 is required for a 4x1 video wall.

Hospitality Subscriptions for 4x1 Video wall

Price Options
atmosphere Immersive
$2,629.00every year until canceled
  • Includes 24/7 emergency phone and remote support.


    Includes phone support and remote support via a MDM desktop control software.


    Includes up and running support for Mac media player and atmosphere Player software. Includes scheduled maintenance and updates for both atmosphere Player software and macOS. Internet access is required. 

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