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Why is it a good Idea to keep your Mac Operating system up to date?

Apple Mac

Here are a few reasons on why keeping your computer up to date is a good idea.


Enhanced Malware Protection: It's crucial to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, especially with outdated operating systems leaving devices vulnerable to malware attacks. Regular updates are essential to leverage the latest security enhancements from Apple. Additionally, bolster your online safety with proactive measures such as installing Malwarebytes—an effective tool we endorse for everyday internet security. For any inquiries or assistance in acquiring Malwarebytes, feel free to reach out to us.

Software relying on server connections may cease functioning if your operating system lacks support for required security standards mandated by service providers. For instance,

Apple Mail

email services typically employ secure connections to transmit data securely between users. Incompatibility with these security protocols could result in the disruption of email account functionality.

Accessing secure websites like those related to banking and healthcare requires proper validation of security certificates. Much like with emails, websites utilize certificates to ensure the security of connections. If your computer lacks the capability to authenticate certain certificates, the website will detect this and alert you to the unsecured connection. In some cases, you may still proceed with your activities, but occasionally, access to the website might be entirely restricted.

Common Operating System Challenges: Your operating system may encounter various issues from time to time. In some cases, simply uninstalling and reinstalling the software can effectively resolve these issues. Alternatively, updating your system or patiently awaiting the next patch from Apple can also provide a solution.

While we do recommend everyone staying up to date. There are a few things to consider before upgrading your operating system.

Time Machine

Making sure your entire computer is backed up to an external hard drive using Apples program Time Machine or making sure your data its backed up to iCloud or another cloud service (Pulse Backup). While operating system updates typically proceed without incident, occasional challenges can arise. Network issues may disrupt the update process, leading to potential failures. Moreover, underlying hardware issues might manifest unexpectedly during updates, posing further complications.

Ensuring Compatibility with Third-Party Software: Before upgrading your operating system, it's crucial to verify compatibility with third-party software like Microsoft and Adobe products. While macOS may alert you about incompatible apps, this feature isn't flawless. Hence, it's wise to independently confirm whether the programs you rely on are compatible with the new OS version.

Here is a link on how to check and perform Operating system updates and upgrades.

Keeping your Mac Operating system up to date is a good idea. If you prefer the peace of mind of having our Apple Technicians assess your computer, offer recommendations, or carry out updates, you can easily schedule a service appointment with us. For continuous support and regular updates, we also recommend considering our Advantage program for Mac users.

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