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What to Expect at Apple's 'Wonderlust' Event

Apple event September 2023

If you're an Apple nerd, you're anxiously waiting in anticipation for Tuesday the 12th. This is when Apple's upcoming 'Wonderlust' event is scheduled for. Apple events are press conferences where they announce major new redesigns and upgrades of their products. With Apple's notoriety for releasing innovative and ground-breaking products, these events have become quite the pop culture phenomenon. Viewers from all over the world will live stream the event from their homes, and we'll all be on the edge of our seats here at MacMan Eau Claire with the live stream running on our big screen. We'd like to invite any Apple fans out there to come join us for the party.

As you can see, Apple gives us nothing more than a cool animation to build suspense. And even though we are an Apple authorized business, the guys in Silicon Valley don't trust us to not spill the beans. Still, we hear rumors and have some hunches based on what we see and hear.

"This is gonna be a big one."

That's the word we got from our Apple representative. He's not allowed to tell us much, but he wants us to be ready for some big changes. Ambiguous, but intriguing.

iPhone 15

The new iPhone lineup will likely be the stars of this show. Just like with the 14, it should include four models: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This time, all four models will include the dynamic island. This has become a very popular tool for iPhone users, but it is currently only available on the Pro models.

Of course, there will be new features only available on the iPhone 15 Pro models. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will both have thinner bezels and a titanium frame. This allows for a lighter, more durable phone with an edge-to-edge screen.

The one thing I can say for certain is that it will use a universal USB-C charger instead of Apple's proprietary Lightning connector. For those who have ever had their iPhone die while visiting their Android friends, this will be a major relief. We've been waiting a long time for a world with one universal cord that can connect anything to anything, and I think we might just finally be there.

It has also been suggested that iPhone 15 could have a periscope lens. That means we could potentially be seeing a camera with up to 10x optical zoom. For amateur photographers, the ability to capture high resolution photographs from far away with a device that's already in your pocket is very appealing.

Of course, there is also sure to be improved battery life and increased processing power. Apple is always upgrading and innovating, so we can definitely expect increased performance capabilities on the iPhone 15.

iOS 17

iOS 17 was announced at the last Apple event, so we do actually know some things about this. It's currently in beta testing, and Apple has already begun promoting it on their website. What we're expecting at this event is a decisive release date. You might be able to actually download the update as soon as the live stream airs. This could be something anyone with an iPhone or iPad can enjoy immediately.

Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

We're expecting to see the next series of the Apple Watch and a second version of their heavy-duty Apple Watch Ultra. There's rumored to be some major upgrades in the heart rate sensor and a faster processing chip. We likely won't see a major redesign of the Apple Watch until the Series 10, but there will definitely be major improvements in speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

New iMac?

No official word on this, but we are seeing a lot of hints. The first major indication to us was how difficult it has been to fulfill iMac orders. Stock in the warehouse has been shockingly low, and I can assure you it is not for lack of demand. But, it would make sense for Apple to stop investing resources in their iMac if they're about to release a major redesign. Also, the iMac is still running the M1 processing chip, while both the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and even the iPad Pro have graduated to the M2 chip.

However, the technicians here say that the M2's advantage over the M1 mostly has to do with battery life. They think that if Apple were to release a new iMac, they will wait until the M3 chip is ready. So will we see a new iMac with an M3 chip? Will there be even more fun colors? Maybe even a larger screen? I can't say any of this for certain, but it's fun to spread rumors.

What Else?

It's been about two years since the 6th generation of the iPad mini, so many people are saying we're overdue for a 7th generation mini. We might see some upgrades with the AirPod line-up, too. AirPods Lite, a streamlined budget version of Apple's AirPods, might make an appearance.

Anything could happen. There could be an entirely new product line-up that no one has even heard rumors of. Apple is pretty good at keeping things secret. We tried out best to dig up some spoilers for you, but for the most part we're kept in the dark just like everyone else.

Tune in Tuesday to hear rumors turn into news!

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