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Transformative Spaces: A Guide to Securing Funding for Immersive Relaxation Rooms in Healthcare

The Healing Space at Massey Cancer Center - VCU
The Healing Space at Massey Cancer Center - VCU

Introduction: Funding for immersive relaxation rooms in the healthcare industry.

atmosphere by MacMan

In recent years, the healthcare industry has witnessed a growing recognition of the importance of mental well-being in patient care. As a result, innovative approaches are being explored to enhance relaxation and mental healing. One such approach gaining traction is the creation of immersive relaxation rooms. These spaces are designed to provide a therapeutic environment that promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and mental well-being. Acquiring funding for such transformative projects can be challenging but not impossible. In this guide, we will explore effective strategies for securing funding to establish immersive relaxation rooms in the healthcare industry.

Define Your Vision and Purpose:

Dr. John Drawbert with OakLeaf Surgical Hospital.
Dr. John Drawbert with OakLeaf Surgical Hospital.

Before seeking funding, it is crucial to have a clear vision and purpose for your immersive relaxation room. Define the goals, objectives, and expected outcomes of the project. Highlight how the room will contribute to patient care, mental health improvement, and overall well-being. Having a compelling narrative will make it easier to convey the importance of the project to potential funders.

Dr Drawbert Interview 8-30-18

atmosphere Healthcare “Immersive” Is A Biophilically Designed Platform With A Clear Objective

Download PDF • 9.82MB

1. Helps employees with relaxation and meditation

2. Helps employees with stress reduction and regeneration

3. Increases physical and mental well being

4. Increases energy reserves and inspires

5. Helps to sustain greater efficiency at work

6. Helps patients with healing, recovery and rehabilitation

7. Helps patients reduce anxiety related to dental or medical procedures

8. Helps students relax and focus

9. Improves overall mental wellness and awareness

Research Funding Sources:

Identify potential funding sources that align with your project's goals. This could include government grants, private foundations, corporate sponsorships, or community fundraising efforts. Research each potential source thoroughly to understand their priorities, application processes, and eligibility criteria. Look for organizations that have a vested interest in mental health and wellness initiatives within the healthcare sector.

Develop a Comprehensive Budget:

Meditation Room with 65" Display

Create a detailed budget that outlines all the costs associated with establishing and maintaining the immersive relaxation room. This should include construction or renovation expenses, technology and equipment costs, ongoing operational expenses, and staff training. A well-prepared budget demonstrates transparency and accountability, instilling confidence in potential funders.

Build Collaborative Partnerships:

Collaborate with other healthcare organizations, mental health advocacy groups, or technology companies that share an interest in promoting mental well-being. Building partnerships can not only enhance the credibility of your project but also open up opportunities for joint funding initiatives. Leverage existing networks and connections within the healthcare community to find like-minded collaborators.

Demonstrate the Impact:

Clearly articulate the potential impact of your immersive relaxation room on patient outcomes and healthcare delivery. Use evidence-based research and case studies to support your claims. Demonstrating a clear understanding of the positive effects of immersive relaxation on mental health can significantly bolster your case when presenting to potential funders. Check out our White Paper on The Science of Biophilia and Reducing stress with atmosphere.

Create a Compelling Proposal:

Craft a compelling and well-researched funding proposal that effectively communicates the significance of your project. Clearly outline the project's objectives, benefits, and expected outcomes. Tailor your proposal to address the specific priorities and interests of each potential funding source. Use visuals, such as mock-ups or renderings of the immersive relaxation room, to help stakeholders envision the final product.

atmosphere healthcare

Seek Public Support, Corporate Funding, and Private Sponsorship/Endowments:

Engaging the public is crucial for garnering widespread support and creating a groundswell of enthusiasm for your immersive relaxation room project. In addition to community events and crowdfunding campaigns, explore opportunities for corporate funding and private sponsorship/endowments.

a. Corporate Funding:

Approach businesses and corporations that have a vested interest in promoting employee well-being and mental health. Many companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of mental wellness in the workplace, making them potential partners for your healthcare initiative. Craft proposals tailored to showcase how supporting your project aligns with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. Offer opportunities for branding within the immersive relaxation room or acknowledgment in promotional materials as a way to incentivize corporate involvement.

b. Private Sponsorship/Endowments:

Seeking support from individual philanthropists or private foundations can be a powerful way to secure significant funding. Develop relationships with individuals who are passionate about mental health and well-being. Consider creating naming opportunities for specific elements within the relaxation room, such as a meditation corner or technology integration, to entice private sponsors. Establishing endowments ensures long-term financial sustainability for the project, allowing it to continue making a positive impact for years to come.

c. Engage Stakeholders:

Whether it's the local business community, influential individuals, or corporate leaders, engage stakeholders in the project by showcasing its potential benefits. Organize informational sessions or exclusive previews for potential corporate and private sponsors. Provide a platform for them to understand the project's goals, impact, and how their support can contribute to the overall success of the initiative. MacMan showcases the atmosphere-Healthcare solution. You are welcome to come experience the power of our Ultra High Definition immersive films first hand. Make sure to bring your stakeholders too. Seeing is believing.

d. Recognition and Appreciation:

Demonstrate your gratitude to corporate and private sponsors by offering recognition in various forms. This could include plaques, acknowledgment in promotional materials, or exclusive invitations to project-related events. Publicly recognizing their support helps build goodwill and can serve as an incentive for others to join in supporting the cause.

Incorporating corporate and private funding into your public support strategy not only diversifies your funding sources but also strengthens the sustainability of your immersive relaxation room project. By creating a network of support from various sectors, you increase the chances of realizing your vision and making a lasting impact on mental health within the healthcare industry.


Securing funding for an immersive relaxation room in the healthcare industry requires a strategic and well-thought-out approach. By defining a clear vision, researching funding sources, building collaborative partnerships, demonstrating impact, and creating compelling proposals, you can increase your chances of turning your vision into reality. These transformative spaces have the potential to revolutionize mental health care, providing patients with an immersive and therapeutic environment for relaxation and healing. And, don't forget your healthcare workers. For an in-depth conversation about how MacMan, Inc. can contribute to realizing your vision for an immersive room, relaxing lobby and even displaying nature films in your patient/resident rooms, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

"Transport yourself to another world"

​"Designed with the patient in mind, The Healing Space offers a uniquely immersive experience to help harmonize the mind, body and spirit."

It was an honor.

Thank you to all those involved. Special thanks to AVI-SPL and VCU for choosing atmosphere by MacMan, Inc. It was an honor to be part of this incredible project. MacMan provided the Mac hardware, atmosphere 4K immersive films and onsite installation of the atmosphere platform.

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