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Do Relaxation Videos Really Work In Healthcare?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Relaxation can relieve anxiety and can lead to improved health and wellness.

Most of us have experienced stress at one time or another. Healthcare is an amazing industry, but it can be stressful going to the dentist or doctor. How about when you are waiting for a loved one undergoing a procedure, waiting for results or waiting for your turn in the dental chair? The is list is long as to when and where we feel stress and anxiety. Watching relaxing films, instead of a news channel, cooking show or some sort of court TV program, can help you relax.

In 2017, MacMan joined Atmosphere North America to bring exclusive 4K relaxation films to the United States. Together we have been working with Atmosphere Media of Germany on a special project called atmosphere-Healthcare.

Now, does it really work? You could Google it and find all kinds of studies and documentation on the subject, or you can experience it for yourself. Below is a video that explains a bit more about atmosphere-Healthcare. Watching this video is just a taste of the real thing.

Slow down, relax and enjoy the next 10 minutes and 15 seconds of your life and watch the video. Then, let me now if it relaxed you. Just send an email. I would like to hear your opinion.

If you would like to enjoy the full 4K atmosphere experience, you are welcome to visit our store or check out one of our local healthcare providers. Enjoy.

For more information about atmosphere-Healthcare click here.

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