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atmosphere: The Perfection of Nature Captured On Screen And More?

Updated: Jun 4

If you have read our blog before, or been into our store, you will know about our atmosphere Immersive Systems. If you haven't, let me introduce you. If you have, let me show you things you may not have known. I have complied videos taken on my iPhone of our atmosphere display in our conference room, some notes regarding my experience with atmosphere, and other information.

atmosphere Immersive Systems by MacMan is a tailored solution specifically designed for the client. Whether it be for healthcare, hospitality, wellness and spa, personal or commercial use.

Our solution enhances cognitive perception and evokes a sense of tranquility reminiscent of a natural perception and evokes a sense of tranquility reminiscent of a natural environment, benefiting any kind of viewer. Grounded in two scientifically proven methods: biophilia, harnessing the power and beauty of nature for relaxation, and mindfulness, guiding individuals through relaxation and meditation journeys.

I have the luxury of experiencing atmosphere everday in the office. I absolutely adore it. As someone with ADHD, I have an immense struggle to sit still and be present as my mind runs faster than cheetah riding a shooting star. When I am sitting in front of our atmosphere displays I can honestly say I am able to be still and simply be. I don't feel the need to look at my phone, scroll through the socials, or bounce away from whatever task I am accomplishing. If I am writing an email, taking a break, or writing a blog post, staying on task doesn't seem as difficult.

In no case am I saying atmosphere riddens the symptoms I experience with ADHD, as that's simply not true. However, it does elevate my mood, help with focus, and makes me present. Those are things I experience and feel and are real to me.

Additionally, all my co-workers or any one who comes in and sits in our conference room in front of the display says the exact thing. atmosphere just isn't a product for sale, it's a product for people. I am not a salesman, anyone who knows me knows such. atmosphere sells itself. Which makes it easy to show and talk about.  I am not here to tell you to buy atmosphere, but I do want you to experience it.  It's completely free to come to our store and have an experience with it. And I invite you to do so.

What sets our nature films apart is not just their quality, but their immersive nature. Viewers get to feel as they are physically present at the locations captured on film, encouraging mindfulness and peace. In our day and age where business is never ending, and no one is ever actually out of the office, having the oasis of atmosphere is calming, allowing one to get lost in the moment, taking time for oneself and their mental being.

How it works is our partnered film company, atmosphere Media of Germany, travels around the world getting footage of numerous locations. They have advanced their industry through the first Super High Vision MultiCamArray, enabling filming in unprecedented quality without any parallax issues. atmosphere Media GmbH's distinctive MultiCamArray, featuring three RED Dragon cameras, achieves a resolution of 9,000 x 6,000 pixels -- 26 times the resolution of HD.

The films are meticulously slowed dow nto a scientifically tested pace, inducing a calming and restorative experience for a viewer. The quality of our films transcends viewers into an immersive experience, drawing them in and placing them within the scene rather than simply watching.

In addition to our immesive films, there is also live music which I have taken two snips of to demonstrate. The bands do covers of popular songs and artists, from Frank Sinatra to Metallica, there is a large range of singers, genres, sounds, and styles. Currently used by leading hotels and cruise lines all over the world, the live music is fun, attracting more guests and having them stay longer.

As a Frank Sinatra fan and lover of jazz, I have taken the liberty to make a playlist at work titled "sydney's favorites" on both of our displays. It has a variety of my favorite songs and peformances done by the bands. If you come in while I am here, there is a high chance "sydney's favorites" playlist will be playing. If you come in though, I promise to show you stuff of your interest and not just mine. Although you can rarely beat a good beach sunset, or Frank Sinatra.

The capability of atmosphere has the potential to reach into numerous aspects of everday life. atmosphere is crafted for people, not just spaces, helping them slow down, relax, focus, and find inspiration through the power of natural beauty and entertainment. This makes it perfect for any setting, whether it's waiting areas, relaxation and meditation rooms, treatment spaces, lobbies and bars, and wherever our imagination leads us to.

I invite you to come to our office at 4677 Keystone Crossing in Eau Claire to come experience atmosphere yourself. Feel free to drop on in, or email me at to schedule an appointment. I can't wait to share atmosphere with you.

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