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Updated: Feb 16

Nearly everyone who comes into our store asks about our giant video wall. They're all fascinated by how crisp and realistic the picture looks. Many will just stare into it, lost in a euphoric trance, suddenly less stressed out about their technical difficulties.

atmosphere 4 screen video wall at MacMan

I also often find myself lost in a trance when that video wall catches my eye. But it's not the normal type of mindless technology trance I get from a social media doom scroll. Normally, after a few minutes lost in an electronic device, I'll be tired and anxious. But after getting lost in our immersive nature films for a few minutes, I feel relaxed and invigorated.

I've become fascinated with atmosphere because it is the antithesis of everything I fear about the future of technology. As smart phones and social media have quickly become ubiquitous in our culture, I have begun to worry about what modern technology might be doing to our mental health. But atmosphere has brought me hope for our future. It's technology that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. Rather than replacing the natural world with trivial overstimulation, atmosphere preserves the natural world in slow motion and uses technology to make it more accessible. Welcome to a future where technology and nature exist in harmony, a future where we use technology as a tool to preserve, protect, and appreciate this living world of ours.

creating atmosphere

While living their best life in some of the most beautiful spots on this planet, our partners are capturing pieces of nature to be preserved as a totally immersive experience. atmosphere engineers in Germany have created a completely unique state-of-the-art camera system specifically for this purpose. It is comprised of three super high vision cameras, each 26 times HD quality. This allows them to get a full panoramic view in the highest possible resolution. The Super High Vision Multi-Cam Array captures one crystal clear image from three different cameras without any parallax issues.

mirro rig with Red Dragon cameras

Normally, if you film with three cameras and cut the pieces together, it creates an inconsistent looking image. It makes it look as if you are seeing it from three different angles, rather than one panoramic angle. To overcome this hurdle, the atmosphere engineers crafted a mirror rig. The large curved mirror above the camera will display a panoramic view, and each camera captures a third of this view. This effectively triples the resolution of an already state-of-the-art camera and creates an ultra-realistic wide-angle panoramic view that isn't distorted or inconsistent in any way.

It's not just about the resolution, though. It's also about the frame rate. atmosphere's immersive nature films are captured with an extremely high frame rate. This allows them to create smooth and seamless slow-movement nature films that serve to calm your racing thoughts and ease anxiety.

Below is a full-length preview of one of atmosphere's many immersive nature films. This is not anywhere near the full picture quality, but it gives you an idea of the kind of content I'm talking about. These are fully immersive nature films. With a complete setup, they can evoke the same psychological and physiological response as the real thing.

How do you feel after watching that? How does that feeling compare to the feeling you get after 15 minutes on Facebook? Technology can calm us and invigorate us or it can turn us into anxious zombies. It all just depends on how we use it.

atmosphere on a ship

atmosphere has exploded in popularity amongst the luxury hospitality industry. On a luxurious vacation, this ambiance can add a little extra comfort and dazzle your senses. It will make any luxury space more luxurious.

What is even more exciting is that this technology can be used as a health and wellness tool. atmosphere immersive nature films are based on the philosophy of biophilia. Numerous types of care facilities are already doing everything they can to incorporate biophilic design into their architecture. MacMan can add technology to that architecture to create a truly immersive biophilic experience.

picture of E.O. Wilson

The biophilia hypothesis is an idea proposed by sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson. He suggests that every person has a strong need to connect with nature, and that this need is deeply rooted in our biology. The natural selection that created the minds we use today happened outside of our modern world. It has conditioned our minds to quickly and easily recognize safety and prosperity in the natural world, but processing the modern world takes more effort. It’s only after we consciously process the stimuli received in our modern world that we recognize it as safe. Biophilia is about recognizing just how crucial our connection with nature is to our well-being. It’s not just a nice feeling we get from pretty scenery; it’s subconscious signals being sent to our brain stem telling us not to fear.

Do you feel affected by the atmosphere you're in? Does clutter make you anxious? Do scenic overlooks fill you with bliss? These reactions are universal, and they are truly significant to our overall well-being. Your atmosphere has profound affects on your mood. Care facilities know this, and they do everything they can to optimize their atmosphere, but they are very limited in what they can do with biophilia. But with integrated technology and biophilic designed films, we can create an atmosphere that evokes calmness and repels fear.

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