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Why MacMan

When you buy a Mac from MacMan.

When purchasing a computer from MacMan, it will be eligible for 4 Free in-store Tune-ups, every 3 months from the date of purchase, for the first year of ownership. When adding AppleCare+, the computer will be eligible for 2 additional Tune-ups in the second year of ownership. Unused Tune-ups from the first year do not carry over to the second year. Second year Tune-ups expire 24 months from the date of purchase.


If we find problems with your Mac during a Tune-up, that are over and above a normal tune-up, we will notify you with a repair estimate. Additional parts & labor fees may apply.


The value of 4 Tune-ups is $480 and the value of 6 free Tune-ups is $720. Additional tune-ups are available as part of a MacMan’s Advantage membership.


Advantage by MacMan

Advantage combines services for hardware devices, as well as support and training for the user.


Become an Advantage member and receive all the benefits of this program. If you have a Mac, iPad, iPhone or all of the above, we have a plan for you. Don't see what you need below, contact us and we will customize a plan that is right for you or your business.

Looking for more service and support?

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