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"Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Text Message Scams"

If you receive a text message like this, DO NOT attempt to login!!!

I receive a text message today that look alarming. No, I did not initiate a payment to Morales Jones. This is a scam. I will explain how I determined it was fake.

text message for 141 area code

Glasgow, UK

First, look at the phone number the message was sent to. The 141 area code is used in Glasgow, UK. Telephone calls or text messages from area code 141 are a scam or telemarketing. No area codes in the USA begin with "1" because "1" signals a long distance call.

The URL, or website link without the /RCU goes to a company claiming to specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What would they be doing with RCU bank alerts? Website

scam text messge

I then added the /RCU to the end of the website address and at first, it was a dead link, just a blank white page.

When I clicked on the link in the text message, I was redirected to a website that claimed to be RCU. The site loaded, but took some time. For those of you that use RCU, you may recognize the RCU logo and picture, but how about the URL? Nope, not Royal Credit Union.

fake RCU website

Here is the actual RCU website. Notice the website name of

So, if you don't know the correct link, or if something looks different, be careful not to be tricked into giving up your banking information!

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