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How to Effectively Avoid Scams on Your Apple Devices

Having to avoid scams can be more than just an annoyance; they can also be a security threat, using deceptive tactics to trick you into sharing personal information or downloading unwanted software. If you encounter a scammer pop-up ad in Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, follow these steps to manage and block these interruptions effectively.

Examples of Various Pop-Ups on Apple Devices
Examples of Various Pop-Ups on Apple Devices

Avoid Interacting with Pop-ups

Example of Pop Up on MacOS
Example of Pop Up on MacOS

The first rule when dealing with pop-ups is to avoid interacting with them unless you are certain they are legitimate. Here’s what you should do:

  • Navigate Away: If you see a suspicious pop-up, enter a new URL or search term in the Search field to leave the current page. On an iPhone or iPad, tap the top of the screen to reveal the Search field if it's not visible.

  • Close with Caution: Some pop-ups have fake close buttons that can trigger further actions. If you are unsure, close the Safari window or tab instead of clicking any buttons within the pop-up.

  • Force Quit Safari: On a Mac, you can quit Safari and reopen it while holding the Shift key. This prevents Safari from reopening the tabs that were previously open, which might include the pop-up.

Update Your Software

Keeping your software up to date is crucial for security:

  • Install Updates: Always install the latest updates for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. These updates often include security enhancements that can help control pop-ups.

  • Download Safely: Only download apps from the App Store or directly from trusted developers’ websites. Avoid downloading software through ads or links.

Configure Safari Settings

Adjusting your Safari settings can help prevent pop-ups:

  • On iPhone or iPad:

Go to Settings > Safari.

Turn on Block Pop-ups.

Turn on Fraudulent Website Warning.

  • On Mac:

- Open Safari and choose Safari > Settings (or Preferences) from the menu bar.

- In the Websites tab, configure options to allow or block pop-ups.

- In the Security tab, turn on Warn when visiting a fraudulent website.

Remove Unwanted Software to Avoid Scams

If persistent pop-ups plague your Mac, you might have installed adware or other unwanted software:

  • Update macOS: Make sure your Mac is running the latest version of macOS, as it includes tools to remove known malware.

  • Check Applications: Go through your Applications folder and uninstall any unexpected or suspicious apps.

  • Manage Extensions: In Safari settings, check the Extensions tab and turn off any unnecessary extensions.

Seek Further Assistance

If you continue to experience issues with pop-ups or suspect malware on your Mac, consider scheduling a one-on-one appointment with MacMan. We can take a deeper dive into your issue and provide personalized assistance. Book your appointment here!

Additional Resources

For additional resources, consider the MacMan+ Protection Plan, a great way to keep your Mac running at peak performance. Enjoy peace of mind with a single one-time purchase that unlocks years of benefits. These benefits include no-cost device evaluations, expedited in-store repairs, one new system setup or data migration when purchased with a new Mac, no-cost in-store tune-ups and malware removals, and a $50 flat rate labor fee for both in-store software and hardware repairs (only applicable to out-of-warranty repairs).

Remember, MacMan is not responsible for the content or accuracy of third-party websites or products, so always exercise caution and seek help if needed.

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