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Malware, Malwarebytes, and Mac. What you need to Know about Mac Malware

Updated: May 23, 2022

What is Malware?

Malware is defined as malicious software and refers to any software that the user does not want or use on their computer. Malware attempts to steal user data, trick the user into paying money, or use a computer for the needs of the Malware, not the user.

Are there different types of Malware?

In short, yes. The different types of Malware include the following: Viruses, Worms, Trojan Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Ransomware, Fileless Malware, and Potentially Unwanted Programs.

If you would like to read more about Cybersecurity, visit the Malwarebytes website, which goes more in-depth about keeping your computer secure:

Do Macs get Malware?

Yes, like all computers, Macs are susceptible to Malware infections.

How does Malware get installed on a Mac?

Malware doesn't just "show up." Users have to initiate the installation of the Malware. Installation is primarily started in the form of downloads from the internet. Users believe they are installing a legitimate program, but that is not the case; it is Malware.

Does Mac offer built-in malware protection?

Yes! macOS, by default, does not allow the installation of applications or programs that Apple cannot verify. Apple verifies programs by using certificates signed by developers. These certificates prove who the developer is and the app's intended purpose.

Yes! macOS, by default, comes with malware definitions pre-defined in the XProtect file, which is part of the macOS Gatekeeper software. The XProtect file is checked whenever an application is installed on the Mac. Starting in macOS Catalina 10.15 and newer, the XProtect file checks if the application meets the definitions every time said app is opened. If the application matches the definition, that app is Malware and will not be installed, and a warning is presented to the user stating that the file may "Damage the Mac."

Yes! Starting on macOS Monterey 12.0 and newer, recording alerts are shown in the Mac status bar to indicate when the system uses the camera or microphone. Even if Malware is installed, users will be able to see if the system is using the microphone or camera without their knowledge.

Why do I need Malwarebytes?

Even with macOS's built-in security protections, it is possible to install Malware on Mac unintentionally; even the most advanced users can be susceptible. It takes one misclick, a couple of seconds that the user is distracted while installing an application, or one unintended permission grant, and Malware is installed. These moments are where Malwarebytes premium comes in. Malwarebytes runs background scans to check installed applications and saved files for Malware. These scans run daily on a scheduled basis, and the definitions that catch the Malware are constantly refreshed, so no malware slips past detection.

Where can I purchase Malwarebytes premium?

MacMan offers Malwarebytes premium for $39.99 for a year of premium protection for a single Mac or Computer. If you have multiple Macs, MacMan can provide custom site licenses for any number of Macs or computers at a reduced rate.

You can stop in-store, and we can install and activate Malwarebytes premium--usually within 15 to 30 minutes--depending on if we are installing Malwarebytes on a Desktop or Laptop computer.

Already Have Malwarebytes Free version looking to increase protection? Are you looking to install and activate Malwarebytes without stopping in-store?

Click the button below to visit our Malwarebytes Webpage to purchase a license. We will email you a custom link with directions on how to get Malwarebytes Premium installed and running on your computer.

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