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How to install Anydesk

Updated: May 4, 2022

AnyDesk is a very helpful tool that we use here at MacMan to provide remote support for our customers.This blog post will be going over how to install AnyDesk on your Mac.

1. The first step will be to navigate to the AnyDesk website using Safari. You can also use our website link to get there as well.

2. Next you will select the “Download Now” button. Make sure the version under the “Download Now” button is “macOS”.

3. You will then be presented with a screen that asks if you would like to allow downloads on Select “Allow” to start the download.

4. Once the software has finished downloading, open your downloads in Safari in the top right corner of the screen. Double click on anydesk.dmg to open the installer.

5. Drag the AnyDesk icon into the Applications folder. Once you have done that, you may then close the installer.

6. Next there will be a window that pops up letting you know that AnyDesk is an app that was downloaded from the internet and asking if you want to open it. You should select “Open”.

7. After that, AnyDesk should open. The first time you open AnyDesk, there will be a message asking to configure permissions. We will select the “Configure” option.

8. After selecting “Configure”, another window will open saying that AnyDesk would like to record this computer’s screen. You can select “Open System Preferences” to continue.

9. System preferences will then open up to the privacy tab. We will need to select the little lock in the bottom left corner of the window.

10. A window will come up asking for your password. Enter the password for your computer and select “unlock”.

11. Next, the computer will bring you back to the privacy page we were on before. Select the check box next to the AnyDesk icon. Then click the lock in the bottom left corner to save your changes.

12. Now we will need to look in the side bar of the privacy tab. We will need to scroll up and find the “Accessibility” tab. Then we will repeat the steps of clicking the lock, entering in our password, and checking the box next to AnyDesk and then clicking the lock again to save our changes.

14. Once you have finished with that, you may close the system preferences window. Now AnyDesk is ready to use. The technician will ask for the address which can be found in the top left of the screen.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 01

I noticed that in your screenshots there is no menu in which the installation asks for a serial license number to install. Why is that popping up for me?

Maybe I downloaded the wrong version of the program or did something wrong.

Could you make a video showing the whole process of installing Anydesk, if you will be using a mac, there is a choice of recorders as there is no built in one on mac.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!

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