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Coax Network of Displays


atmosphere Immersive Channel in Guest or Resident Rooms via a coax network. Each TV in each room on the network is added at $14 per year.


Immersive content for 200 rooms would be about $0.05 per day. Add a Premium Support Plan and it's about $0.058 per day. Contact us for a quote based on the number of rooms you have. 

Immersive Channel in Guest or Resident Rooms

Price Options
atmosphere Immersive
$927.00every year until canceled
  • Includes 24/7 emergencey phone and remote support.


    Includes phone support and remote support via a MDM desktop control software during normal business hours, which are:


    • Sunday - Closed
    • M - F - 9:30am to 7pm Central Time
    • Saturday - 10am to 3pm Central time


    Includes up and running support for Mac media player and atmosphere Player software. Includes scheduled maintenance and updates for both atmosphere Player software and macOS. Internet access is required. 


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