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What are the economic benefits and impacts to buying locally?

MacMan, Inc. - 29 years and still going. Thank you for supporting us. Please support our fellow local businesses and keep our local economy strong. If there is something we could do for you, please let us know.

Here are a few reason to support our local business.

There are several economic benefits and impacts to buying locally:

  1. Local economic development: When you buy from a locally owned business, you help support the local economy. The money you spend stays in the community and helps create jobs, improve infrastructure, and support local services.

  2. Increased community resilience: Local businesses are often more resilient in the face of economic shocks or disasters because they are rooted in the community and have established relationships with customers and suppliers. By supporting local businesses, you can help strengthen the community's overall resilience.

  3. Reduced environmental impact: Local businesses often have a smaller environmental footprint because they tend to use fewer resources in their operations and transportation. When you buy from a local business, you can help reduce your own carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable community.

  4. Increased product diversity: Local businesses often offer a greater variety of products and services because they are responsive to the needs and preferences of their local customers. This can lead to a more diverse and vibrant local economy.

  5. Stronger social connections: Local businesses often contribute to the social fabric of a community by sponsoring events, supporting local organizations, and creating a sense of place. When you buy from a local business, you can help foster a stronger sense of community and connection to your local area.

Is there an advantage to using a local computer repair shop for my technology purchases and service?

There are several potential advantages to using a local computer repair shop for your technology purchases and service:

  1. Convenience: Local computer repair shops are often more convenient than larger chain stores because they are located closer to where you live or work. This can make it easier to drop off or pick up your device for repair, and you may be able to get same-day service in some cases.

  2. Personalized service: Local computer repair shops may offer more personalized service because they are often owned and operated by people who are passionate about technology and customer service. You may be able to get more individualized attention and advice from a local repair shop than you would at a larger chain store.

  3. Stronger community ties: Local computer repair shops are often an important part of the local business community and can contribute to the economic and social fabric of the area. By supporting a local computer repair shop, you can help strengthen the community and build connections with your neighbors.

  4. Greater knowledge of local resources: Local computer repair shops may have a better understanding of local resources and service providers, which can be helpful if you need to purchase additional equipment or services related to your computer repair.

  5. Potential for lower prices: Local computer repair shops may be able to offer competitive pricing because they have lower overhead costs than larger chain stores. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses or individuals on a budget.

What does it mean to be Apple authorized for repair services?

  1. Being "Apple authorized" for repair services means that a company or individual has been certified by Apple to repair Apple products. Apple has a program called the Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) program that certifies repair technicians and companies to repair Apple products.

  2. To become an AASP, technicians must complete Apple-approved training and pass a certification exam. In addition, AASPs must use genuine Apple parts and tools and adhere to Apple's repair processes and guidelines.

  3. Using an Apple authorized repair provider can be beneficial because it ensures that your device is repaired using genuine Apple parts and that the repair is performed by technicians who have been trained and certified by Apple. This can help ensure the quality of the repair and protect your device's warranty.

MacMan, Inc. is an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

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Unknown member
Dec 23, 2022

I feel much more confident in my purchase even more so it was a local company with an exceptional history and employees like Tyler rather than an impersonal national chain employee without a history worth bragging about. I'm a customer for life!!! and I know MacMan will be there longer than me for others.

Unknown member
Dec 24, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for your kind words.

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