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Apple September 2022 Event

What's the Apple news? What did Apple release at their event? When are the new products available? Where are the latest products available?

Apple live streamed a product release and press event titled "Far Out" on September 7, 2022, at 12 pm CDT. The event included the release of the 2nd generation of AirPods Pro, iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Series, and an entire Apple Watch lineup update. Apple also released updates to AppleCare+ and Apple Fitness+ alongside the Main Event.


AirPods Pro Updates:

The 2nd generation of AirPods Pro has a similar design as the previous model while sporting significant improvements under the hood. Active Noise cancellation quality is doubled with the new H2 chip in AirPods Pro and a new three-microphone array. Transparency mode has also been updated to Adaptive Transparency, which boosts sounds you need to hear and reduces other loud sounds that may drown out conversation. With the New H2 Chip--and help from iPhone--Spacial audio can be personalized using Face ID to create a custom Spacial Audio experience.

The Case for AirPods also received some upgrades. You will find a lanyard loop on the side of the case; therefore, you could attach the case to any lanyard for easier portability. If you are prone to losing your AirPods case and didn't attach a lanyard, the case now offers precision finding with compatabile iPhones via the Find My app. Moreover, there is a built-in speaker for easy discovery--similar to AirTag--and audible notifications when AirPods battery is getting low.

Apple now includes an XS ear tip for AirPods, which joins the S, M and L sizes already available. Lastly, the Feature we are most excited about is touch controls on AirPods! A capacitive touch sensor for swipe volume control is built into the Force Sensor. With the 2nd Generation of AirPods Pro, you can start, stop, skip, control volume, and use Siri, all without using your iPhone.

AirPods Pro 2nd Generation joins the Existing AirPods lineup of AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Max. Any Purchase of New AirPods will also come with 6 months of Apple Music for free for New Apple Music subscribers.

AirPods Pros Gen 2 will be available from Apple Authorized Resellers--such as MacMan--orders start September 9 and will be available on September 23. AirPods Pro will retail for the same $249 price as the previous generation.


AppleCare+ Service Plan Updates:

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, MacMan can provide repairs and service for any Apple Device covered under an AppleCare+ Service Plan.

Apple did not announce AppleCare+ updates during the live stream, but service updates and updates to Apple Legal detail the Terms and Conditions of service have changed. According to Apple's Website AppleCare+ Service Plans for the following products has been updated as of September 7th, 2022: iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Headphones, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and surprisingly iPod.

These updates will apply to new Plans purchased or Plans renewed after September 7, 2022.

On Apple's website, when buying iPhone, AppleCare+ now details "Get Unlimited repairs for accidental damage protection..." That means customers can presumably present the device for repairs or service for Accidental Damage unlimited times a year. Previous Plan Term and Conditions detailed that customers may only have Two Accidental Damage incidents per year for the plan's duration. Accidental damage includes screen damage, rear glass damage, camera damage, and extreme damage to iPhone, such as a broken enclosure.

MacMan can sell AppleCare for iPhone, iPad, Headphones, Mac, and More. If you didn't purchase AppleCare+ with your New iPhone but are now interested in the benefits, MacMan may be able to offer an AppleCare Exception if the device is less than a year old. AppleCare+ Plans can also be added after certain repairs,, if eligible, as well.

For More Information, see Apple's Webpage:

For More Information, see MacMan's Webpage:


The iPhone 14 Series Update:

Although MacMan does not currently offer iPhone sales, we can help you set up a new iPhone. Migrate Data from an old iPhone to the New iPhone. Help ensure iCloud and iPhone settings are set up correctly. We also provide Apple Warranty Service or repairs on your new iPhone.

For more information about iPhone Services at MacMan, check out:

Here are a few key iPhone headlines from the Apple Event.

Upgraded Battery performance across the entire iPhone 14 lineup.

iPhone 14 has upgraded rear cameras and New Pro cameras in iPhone 14 Pro with new technologies that push the capability of iPhone cameras.

iPhone 14 features New Face ID technology with Autofocus. iPhone 14 Pro Face ID has been redesigned with Dynamic Island.

iPhone 14 Pro now supports ProMotion and a New Always-On display.

iPhone 14 in the US is now eSIM only; Apple has started phasing out Physical SIMs.

Satellite connectivity on iPhone, which is free for the first two years.

For more information and release dates of the iPhone 14, see


Apple Watch lineup Updates:

Although MacMan does not currently offer Apple Watch Sales, we can help you set up a new Apple Watch. We also Provide Apple Warranty service on Apple Watch.

For more information about Apple Watch Services at MacMan, Reach out to us via Phone, Email, or our Website:

During the beginning of the live stream event, Apple Released Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and Apple Watch SE. Here are a few key headlines:

Apple Watch Ultra is a brand new Series aimed at professionals who need an ultra-durable and capable watch in the most extreme of environments. Ultra is the Most rugged Apple Watch Ever and features a new redesign based on extreme sports.

Apple Watch Series 8 is the mid-range Apple Watch and did not receive as much attention as the Apple Watch Ultra during the event. The minor updates include a new compass, crash detection, and temperature sensing.

Apple Watch SE 2 replaced the outdated Apple Watch Series 3 as the cheapest Apple Watch. Customers deciding on buying an Apple Watch now have a budget-friendly option that still offers the Main Apple Watch Experience.

For more information, see


Updates to Apple Fitness+:

Although MacMan Does Not Sell, Service, or Support Apple Fitness+, it is still worth mentioning.

No Longer is an Apple Watch Needed for Apple Fitness+ Subscriptions. Users can now follow along with workouts with just their iPhones! The service will be available later this fall via a software update. If you are interested in Apple Fitness+ or joining the service, visit Apple's Website for More information.

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