Do you have a website that engages and informs your audience?

We can create a custom website for you and then teach you how to manage it. 

Let's start with the basics

  • Who you are

  • What you do

  • Why your customers do business with you

  • Where you are located

  • How to contact you

Why have a website?

A website informs your customers:

With all of the digital devices of today, your customers expect to be able to find information about your company online. Many consumers do research online before they choose a product or service. Let your customers learn all about your company.

Control your message and branding:

Social reviews and online comments may influence consumers, but don't you think you should have the final say on the information presented about your company to the public?


Having a website for your company creates an official presence on the internet. Word of mouth marketing is great for your business, but make sure you start the conversation with the information you want others to talk about. 

A website is less expensive than traditional advertising:

Consider the costs of what once was traditional advertising; print, radio, and television. These forms of advertising may still be part of your marketing plan, but they should encourage consumers to find out more about your company. This is where your website becomes vital. Think of all the things you can say online when you are not tied to a 30-second ad or limited by the size of a print ad? It is much less expensive to put all that information online.

A website is easier to keep up to date:

Updating information is key to communicating with your customers. Changing business hours, special offers, new services, and adding pictures, can be done easily and quickly.  


All businesses have two things in common. Customer acquisition and customer retention. A strong online presence can attract new customers and invite existing customers to come back more often. 

Does my business need a website if I’m on social media?

Having a strong social media profile and digital marketing plan for your business is enough. A website should be the hub of all your messaging, marketing, and information. When using Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, Yelp, and other social media sites, you should always link back to your website where customers can find more. It's the combination of your digital marketing and your website that will work the best. 

Outside Perception vs Inside Reality:  

Customers may have an idea of who you are and what you do, but do they really know about you? Your website can be used to close the gap between the Outside Perception and your Inside Reality. You have so much to offer, but if no one knows...


eXposure Marketing by MacMan can help create and maintain a website for you.


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