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All-inclusive White Glove Service Program for iPhone


What is White Glove for iPhone?

This plan is all about service for you and your iPhone. We will help you stay connected by taking care of your iPhone.


Setup - as needed*

When you purchase a new device and need help setting it up or transferring data from your old device, we will take care of that for you. Think about all of the important "stuff" on your old device. Wouldn't it be nice to transfer all of that to your new device and have all of your devices synced together? Synching calendar events, bookmarks, and photos across all of your devices via iCloud can be setup for you. How about checking email for all of your devices? Maybe it's not a new device, but an existing one you need set up properly. If you have a Mac, we can also make sure iCloud is set up on that too for a small fee. 

Support - as needed*

There are many topics when in comes to support issues. Here are a few: 

  • Resetting and restoring disabled iOS devices

  • eMail setup and troubleshooting

  • iCloud setup and syncing between devices

  • Verification of backups

  • iCloud password reset support (limitations apply)

  • Application installation and removal

  • Pairing Bluetooth devices

  • Software updates

  • Apple ID support

disabled iphone.png
iCloud settings.png
iCloud backup.png

iOS White Glove is designed for up and running support for your iPhone. If something is not working properly, or if you need help setting something up, we will do our best to take care of it for you. This does not include one-on-one training on using applications. One-on-one training can be purchased separately.  

Maintenance - monthly*

Let us help keep your devices running properly by doing monthly maintenance. Here are a few things we do:

  • Apple service diagnostics to verify the health of your device

  • Battery life check

  • Clean charging port

  • Clean speaker grills

  • Disinfect and clean device

The charging port and speaker grills on iPhones can get full of dust and grime bad enough where the charging cable will no longer make a connection and charge the device. 

Repair - as needed*

Unfortunately, repairs are needed from time to time. If your devices need repair, we will take care of that too. MacMan is an Apple Authorized Service provider and our techs are trained and certified by Apple. We fix everything Apple-branded. 

As an iOS White Glove Subscriber, you will also receive discounts on repairs. 

  • 50% discount on labor for repairs - excludes parts and Apple deductibles

We only use Apple OEM parts directly from Apple. 

What's the Value? 

​iOS devices such as iPhones have become remote controls for our lives. It's how we communicate and stay in touch with the world. Now think about being without it or something not working properly. 

  • Most labor costs are $40 for each service. 

  • Some services are $60 to $80. 

  • Visit us each month for maintenance and a few times a year for support, and that would normally cost $600 per device.


Now, if you need more support with multiple devices, the value is even greater. Do you have an iPhone and an iPad? How about an Apple Watch or iPod? How much support will you need? 

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Plans and Costs

Basic Plan

Up to 2 devices


$99 per year

Subject to sales tax.

Family Plan

Up to 6 devices


$199 per year

Subject to sales tax.

Business Plan


Custom pricing

Custom billing

* Appointments required and can be made online here.

Terms of agreement.