Helping You With Your iPad

White Glove Service and Training for iPad Users

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What is White Glove for iPad?

  • Includes setup and data transfer from old iPad

  • No additional charge for diagnostics on hardware service

  • No additional charge for iOS resets

  • Priority service on hardware service at no additional charge

  • Labor coverage on hardware issue at no additional charge

  • Monthly System functionality check

    • Clean iPad Screen and disinfect

    • Inspect for damages and swollen battery

    • Run Apple MRI diagnostics to check the battery usage report

    • Confirm backup is working properly

  • Monthly User Training or Service - 20 to 30 minutes included*

    • Confirm iCloud password with the customer, reset if needed 

    • Confirm the iCloud setting and check for updates

    • Check iOS and Apps for updates - update or teach the customer how to update if needed

    • Check to see if the email is working

    • Answer additional customer questions

  • Add a second iPad at a discount

  • An appointment is needed for training or service


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