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We Service Everything Apple Branded

Warranty Repairs and Out of Warranty Repairs


Do I Need An Appointment?

  • Appointments are recommended and can be made online. ​

  • If you are dropping off your device without an appointment, we will add your repair request to our service queue.

  • If your repair need is time-sensitive, we can expedited your request and move your repair to the top of our queue we have expedited options available. 

  • iPad and Apple Watch Screen or Battery Replacements - Due to the design of the iPad and the Water Resistance of the Apple Watch, these devices are typically whole unit replacements. The cost of repair on these devices is usually 80%-85% of the original cost of the device.


If Your Device Has Data, Prepare It for Service

Please make sure you've done the following things before bringing in your device for service:

  • Make sure all of your data is backed up to iCloud or iTunes. Remember, MacMan is NOT responsible for the data on your device.

  • iPad and iPod - Turn off your passcode. This can be found under Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.

  • iPad and iPod - Turn off Find My iPad/iPod. This can be found under Settings > Tapping on your Name > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Additionally, you can disable these features through if your device is not able to be powered on.

  • iPad and iPod - Turn off any restrictions on the device. This can be found under Settings > General > Restrictions.

  • If you need help with any of these things, please bring in your Apple ID and Password when checking in your device, so we can show you how to disable these features.

  • If a device is checked in without these steps being followed, additional labor fees may apply.

After the Repair Is Complete

Customers agree to pay all unpaid service charges upon pickup unless terms have been established. Any equipment not picked up within 30 days, from the time of completion, becomes the property of MacMan, Inc. and may be recycled.

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