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Our goal is to create and maintain a "Prosperity, in spite of..." attitude. The word “prosperity” means something different to everyone, as we are all motivated by different things. However, we are united by the fact that obstacles will come our way. It is our mission to spread an attitude of positivity and to help others stay motivated to overcome obstacles….."In spite of." 

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MacMan Donations for Fundraisers

MacMan will giveaway three donations per month to organizations that are hosting a qualifying fundraising event. 

Does your event quality?

  1. The event must be non-profit.

  2. The event must be sponsored by a legal organization.

  3. The event must support a local cause, organization, person, or family.

  4. The event must be marketed and promoted.

  5. The event must list MacMan as a supporter of the event. 

  6. You must allow MacMan to promote your event on our website and social media sites.

​Each Month We Will Choose Three Events to Support


All applications will be reviewed by employees of MacMan and must meet all requirements. If you are not chosen, it may be that we have selected three events already for the month of your event. Applicants are not guaranteed to receive a donation.  

Donation Choices
Gift Certificate ManMan

$50 MacMan Gift Certificate

​All gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. 

All gift certificates will expire 90 days from the date of the event. 

All gift certificates may be used for products or services offered by MacMan following the date of the event.  

Gift certificates for the event must be used as part of fundraising efforts and are not intended to be given to the beneficiary of the event.