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Business IT Support
Advantage Mac Pulse Backup


Peace of Mind


Priority Support • Remote Support • Managed Maintenance • Cybersecurity • Discounted Rates

What's System Maintenance?


  • Real - Time Alert System

  • Battery failure monitoring

  • Crash plan reporting

  • Disk free usage

  • Kernel Panic reporting

  • Network security reporting (firewall, gatekeeper)

  • HD SMART Status reporting Time Machine backup reporting Warranty ending report Always-on Compliance


  • Repair user permissions Malware removal

  • Reset launch services Cache cleaning

  • Remote updating

  • Prevent updating before you are ready

  • Encrypt macOS device with FileVault and escrow keys

Mobile Device Management

  • Automated Deployment

  • Device Security

Remote Support - User requested

  • Remote Control

  • Live chat Live terminal

  • Ticketing system linked to MacMan Support Agents

  • Lost mode to lock and wipe the device to protect sensitive data.

Setup (with Mac Plus)

  • Discount on new system setups

  • Orientation with new Mac purchase

Training (with Mac Plus)

  • Discounts on One-on-One training

  • Free admission to training classes

Repair Service

  • Priority service status

  • Quarterly Tune-ups

  • Discounts on in-shop service labor

  • Discounts on on-site service

Managed Offsite Backup (with Mac Ultra)

  • Automated offsite data backup

  • Backup reporting

Reported Error Alerts

Your computer didn't come with a "Check Engine" light, but we can install one.


​Wouldn't it be nice if your computer would warn you of potential problems?


Well, now it can. Advantage Mac works with your Mac to report potential system problems such as Malware, hard drive failures, and even if your backup is not working. 


Why? Because the most important part of your computer is your data.

Check Engine Logo

Think about this:

  • Not sure if your computer is having problems?

  • Do you have Malware affecting the performance of your computer?

  • Do you have security threats you don't know about?

  • Does your computer run as well as it did when it was new?

  • How much free space is on your hard drive?

  • How about your backup? Is it working properly?

Take a Proactive Approach

  • Advantage is like having your own IT department taking care of your computer. 

  • Streamline your support and reduce the cost of service issues.

  • Preemptive action to limit data loss or unplanned downtime. 

  • Keep your computer in tip-top shape.

  • Advantage Mac Remote 1

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • #64073
  • Advantage Mac Remote 2

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 2 Macs
    • #64073X2
  • Advantage Mac Remote 3

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 3 Macs
    • #64073X3
  • Advantage Mac Remote 4

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 4 Macs
    • #64073X4
  • Advantage Mac Remote 5

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 5 Macs
    • #64073X5
  • Advantage Mac Remote 6

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 6 Macs
    • #64073X6
  • Advantage Mac Remote 7

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 7 Macs
    • #64073X7
  • Advantage Mac Remote 8

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 8 Macs
    • #64073X8
  • Advantage Mac Remote 9

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 9 Macs
    • #64073X9
  • Advantage Mac Remote 10

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 10 Macs
    • #64073X10
  • Advantage Mac Remote 11

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 11 Macs
    • #64073X11
  • Advantage Mac Remote 12

    Every month
    Advantage Mac
    • For 12 Macs
    • #64073X12

What's Included

Normal Price
Mac $35/mo
Repair Diagnostics & Evaluations
Managed Cybersecurity
$60 / yr
In-Store Hardware Labor
$130 / hr
50% Discount
On-site Services Labor
$140 / hr
25% Discount
On Demand Remote Support**
$100 / hr
50% Discount
On-site Travel
$90 / hr
Normal Rate
Auto Maintenance and Managed Updates
$35 / mo
Data Recovery Services - in-store
Starts at $175
50% Discount
Reported System Error Alerts
$60 / yr
In-Store Software Labor
$130 / hr
50% Discount
Expedited Service
On Demand Remote Quick Fix*
One-on-One In-Store Training - Scheduled
$80 / hr
50% Discount

* On Demand Remote Quick Fix up-to 20 minutes at no additional charge​. Limits may apply.

** On Demand Remote Support and Training for session over 20 minutes are discounted at 50% of our normal remote support rate of $100 per hour. For other Advantage Mac plans click here

Pulse Backup

Business Advantage Backup

For workstations and servers.

Easy and Automatic 


Installation is easy. Pulse Backup works for Mac, PC, and Linux operating systems, and there are no buttons to push or CDs to burn. The program runs quietly in the background, protecting your files without slowing you down. Plus, you can use the mobile app to check your backup status and to recover/sync files to your iOS/mobile device. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Why Is an Off-Site Backup So Important?

What would your life be like without your data? Think about all those hours of work or the pictures from that once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • Secure Managed Data Backup

  • Dashboard Monitoring

  • Multiple Destination​
    • Attached Storage

    • Network Storage

    • Enterprise Data Center - Unlimited Storage

  • File Encryption

  • Password Protected

  • Private Security Key

  • Email Reports and Alerts

  • Backup Scheduling

  • Multiple Backup Sets

  • Web Restores

  • Multiple Versioning

  • Tech Support Included

  • OS Types

    •  macOS

    • Windows

    •  Linux

Do you have a disaster plan, incase your files are lost or your computer is stolen? With Pulse Online Backup, it's easy, even when you are on the go. Keep your most important files backed up offsite in a secure data center. 

Office Worker
1-2-3 Stoplight

When it comes to computer data, redundancy is king. Hard drives fail, computers crash, and data gets lost. It's an unfortunate fact about the world we live in.


A 3-2-1 strategy means having at least 3 total copies of your data, 2 of which are local but on different mediums (read: devices), and at least 1 copy offsite. With Pulse Backup software, you can backup your original files locally to a separate hard drive, and back them up offsite. 

Six Reasons to Back Up

1. Hard drives fail; software gets corrupted; systems crash. Equipment failure is the number one cause of lost computer files.


Business Advantage Backup Only Plans

  • Pulse Backup Monthly

    Every month
    Unlimited off-site backup to a secure data center.
    • Up to 4 workstations
    • Mac • Linux • Windows
    • #59319
  • Pulse Backup Quarterly

    Every 3 months
    Unlimited off-site backup to a secure data center.
    • Up to 4 workstations
    • Mac • Linux • Windows
    • #59271
  • Pulse Backup Annual

    Every year
    Unlimited off-site backup to a secure data center.
    • Up to 4 workstations
    • Mac • Linux • Windows
    • #64303
  • Server Pulse Backup Monthly

    Every month
    Server - Unlimited off-site backup to a secure data center.
    • Server
    • Mac • Linux • Windows • Synology
    • #64404
  • Server Pulse Backup Quarterly

    Every 3 months
    Server - Unlimited off-site backup to a secure data center.
    • 1 Server
    • Mac • Linux • Windows • Synology
    • 59280
  • Server Pulse Backup Annual

    Every year
    Server - Unlimited off-site backup to a secure data center.
    • Server
    • Mac • Linux • Windows • Synology
    • #64405

Need more than four workstations or multiple servers backed up? Contact us so we can customize a plan for you. 

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